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  1. atri

    Shooting game demo

    Download playable version on https://danilw.itch.io/e-ani Source code is open, on my github https://github.com/danilw/e-ani This is small game-demo created usign Godot game engine.
  2. atri

    Particles demo

    Source code on my github https://github.com/danilw/godot-utils-and-other Control: Use Mouse in game windows, click and hold Left Mouse to move(left right in game windows). Use Right Click when bar on right side 100% full. Gameplay: Points(timer) on right top goes to 0 when "HP bar"(left) is 0, so gameplay is - dodge objects that come on you, by controlling this ball to get maximum points. (this is small just demo, gameplay is very minimal, fly is endless) Web version: You can launch web version of this demo only using Firefox web-browser Click this link to launch bw_game_win64.zip
  3. atri

    Card game GLSL

  4. atri

    Shooting game demo

    Album for Shooting game demo
  5. atri

    Shooting game demo

    Album for Shooting game demo
  6. atri

    Particles demo

    Album for Particles demo
  7. atri

    Card game GLSL

    Album for Card game GLSL
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