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  1. atri

    Depth Error Bloom Texture

    then problem in bloom shader, test it with textures only, start from your linked tutorial...idk
  2. atri

    Depth Error Bloom Texture

    sorry I see "too many reasons" for this... can not help, maybe my tips will be very stupid sorry maybe the best way to debug it: 1. save "textures" that your engine generate for "bloom" effect, check them if they correct 2. send these two images as "textures" to your bloom-framebuffer, and look on result so you will know where the problem, in the "engine" or in bloom shader "bloom effect" is full screen shader, it can not make any problems to "rendering engine"...
  3. atri

    Depth Error Bloom Texture

    I did not understand your problem any of "example code" work for you or no? link on that tutorial have source is this work for you? I see GL_NEAREST in code, when "example" use GL_LINEAR, maybe this is problem (I had problem because of this option, so maybe)
  4. my first experience at the interview for"realy big corporation"(few years ago) I already was freelancer for years(any coding from web/js to C-servers/db-logic) (before I work in local city on random programmer-job) so I tell them as it its-I dont know any "technology" because every work requires "its own API learning"(framework/language/any other libs or technology)... after 1 min they told me(their lead programmer) - we pay only for "exist knowledge" thats all to get on that "interview" I was wining their competition for programmers(not so easy not so hard as usual I think) now, I creating "many visual stuff" to promote my self, and I already had "interviews"(only two) from "not small" companies, still reason the same, they want "I must know everything"(literally, even RTX and mesh shaders, when they out few months ago) when I know just a little... not best experience to share, sorry xD
  5. idk if correct to share it here, sorry I made few small and simple project (1 prj per month or some like) using wasm and webgl with glsl other video on youtube list of playable links Small 2d, Getting Over...GLSL, Castle-game Warning compile time of next links from Web browser with Angle very long(to disable Angle launch chrome.exe --use-angle=gl) sgame, card game few "not games" planet with terraing webgl2 rendering, simple ocean(polygons) other(few more) projects and source are on my github or as list on mastodon or twitter
  6. atri

    Card game GLSL

  7. atri

    Card game GLSL

    Album for Card game GLSL
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