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  1. Yes. I will redo this poll. Maybe i will ask professionals about pros and cons in each game engine, then i will create a table as a result. How do you think, will this method be better?
  2. I've uploaded all polls. Please participate in them. Make lives of beginners indie game developers great again! Thank you. Construct 2 - Clickteam Fusion 2.5 - AppGameKit - GameMaker Studio - Unity - Godot - Cocos2d-x -
  3. Thank you for your answer. I can't deny that it's school research, but every research needs a research consultant - expert in researching theme. Our school doesn't have any game programmers and so on х). I know that no one will spend a big amount of time on my research, then I need at least feedback on this forum. I made theoretical part, but if I want get qualitative results, I need an assesment from master's point of view on my criteria. Thank you🙂
  4. Hello everyone! I'm writing research on topic - "The best game engine for a small team to create 2D indie games". I need a research consultant or any feedback in this topic because I can't do it on my own - I'm not a scientist or someone else in game engines and other things. I've chosen criteria and game engines for research. They are in image "table.png" below. As we can see, it contains 6 game engines and 10 criteria. I want to know - are this criteria and game engines suitable for my research? In "Notes" section I put quiestion to help respondents answering. In the last line - Value of criteria(in different words, multiplier), I wrote my own estimation of each criterion. This method let us to get different order of engines for every game development team. For example, if I value "Learning Curve" and "Ease of use" I will get one order, but if I value "Genre" and "Extra Benefits" I will get another order. Thank you for your attention. I hope you will leave feedback. Have a nice day :3.
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