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  1. SIr Pep

    Dog Days

    Just wanted to do a quick update for anybody following our project, the forlorn planets. It's been an incredibly busy summer for both of our devs. We have full time jobs 6 days a week and it turns out Summer is very busy in all the spare time we usually have. We even got together once or twice to discuss scaling down our project, but never actually got together to put that into code. Finally a couple days ago we reluctantly agreed to just wait for winter and then continue with the regularly planned game. With that said this will probably be my last update till about October. Thanks to everyone who checked out our former blogs and even followed, but for the time being we're putting this thing to rest. God bless and thanks for reading
  2. Will definitely check this out! Thanks!
  3. SIr Pep

    Moving Forward.... And Up, Down, Left, and Right

    Thank you very much for the kind words @Greedy Goblin ! Always trying to improve
  4. SIr Pep

    Guardians Of The 7 Gates (Dungeon Crawler Challenge)

    Did you do the art yourself?
  5. SIr Pep

    Hello all

    A lot of people would advise you not to make your own game engine because it's so time consuming, but if you want to know how it work and have 8 years of programming experience that's up to you man As long as you have a clear cut picture of what you want to do then I'd say go get your dreams! Also read lots!!! I can't tell you if this is realistic for you and your girlfriend or not because as far as I know 3d isn't as easy... God bless your development and I hope you have a great day Also check out @Septopus... He seems to be doing something similar, maybe he could help you
  6. SIr Pep

    Hello all

    Ok why do you wanna make your own game engine again? Also what do you plan on making your game about?
  7. SIr Pep

    Time to Vote!

    @Brain as of right now I think the clear winner is the Middle one 😂 @a light breeze My art is all Png once I'm done with it. I know to avoid Jpeg in Pixel art. The problem with contrast is that Orange and contrast next to a whitish background is painful.... any ideas? Also, the pictures I showed above are just for style, not art
  8. SIr Pep

    Time to Vote!

    @a light breeze That was just a picture I snipped off my desktop. Here's the finished product Thanks for informing me that it's hard to look at... I bdly wanted orange because it's supposed to be an emergency tent, but that won't work with my background will it?
  9. SIr Pep

    Time to Vote!

    @Glasshalfpool I'm still learning a lot about Pixel Art, and that black outline around the standing stones will be nullified next chance I get to work on them. Thanks for the advice though
  10. SIr Pep

    Time to Vote!

    Thank you too everyone who voted! @Rutin @Septopus @Awoken I really appreciate it! Thanks, and God bless your day
  11. SIr Pep

    Time to Vote!

    @Rutin @Rutin Those are actually supposed to be tent poles 😛
  12. SIr Pep

    The forlorn Planets

    Art for the RPG game in development
  13. SIr Pep

    Happy New Year from GameDev.net!

    Happy New Year @khawk!! Here's to wishing you guys at GameDev.net all have a great year!
  14. SIr Pep

    Day 1

    @RutinProtagonist finds himself stranded on a strange planet with no recollection of how he got there. He finds several other people on the planet (NPC). Along with them has to survive and figure out what happened that landed them all where they are. Gameplay will focus on resource gathering in the form of mining (similar to minecraft in that sense) and a story mode. Thanks for the kind words
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