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  1. SIr Pep

    MMORPG Brilliant Game Idea.

    On the other hand, you could learn VR Programming and make exactly what your describing with a measly 2 decades of programming and using the technology that will be available in 2029
  2. SIr Pep

    Money or passion?

    I like what @itachii said about Notch. With Stardew Valley it was the same thing. He took the faults he found as a consumer in games like Harvest moon and Rune Factory and simply made his game the "perfect" blend of both. In my own searches for what your asking, one answer I got actually really hit home. "Make a game You want to make". Making a game can be a LOT of effort so you want to set yourself up to succeed. You won't do that by making a game you don't like to work on. You'll just run into the wall so much sooner than if you make something you actually enjoy working on. Then the last 30-50% of the project will turn into a nightmare if you're doing it solely for the money. So to sum it up, try monetizing your passion. Also keep in mind "You can't rush Art" 😉 This is a great thread and there seems to be a pretty clear consensus about the direction you're taking so I'll let you figure the rest out. God bless you and your project, and have a wonderful day!
  3. SIr Pep

    Looking for honest feedback on my music

    K on the first one, the voices really don't fit all that much. I really like the middle where you have the drums, and you get the feel of a marching army. Second one is the same. You really captured the beat well in the middle, but you did the same thing with the bell which you could either tone down, or make it a more bass sound. There's also something not quite perfect about the start and the end of the second one.... Don't quite know what... Also I love that you made and AOEII Mod. I was gonna make a MOBA one too one day awesome stuff!
  4. SIr Pep

    Unity Issues rendering 2D tiles

    Here are the 2 pictures just circled. I'll also add the tilesheet and a circle where the tile is which is in 32x32 so I'm sorry if it's small. This one comes from the top row of the tileset This one comes from the circles area on the tileset. This issue was apparently fixed in Unity 2017.2 according to their issue tracker but I'm still having it.
  5. I have been making my game 2d in Unity and almost immediately came upon this 2D tile rendering issue. All I've found online, and am using, is a hack to fix it which includes separating them all, and in some cases drawing lines in between every single tile to match colors. I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue and how to fix it. Also, @CrazyCdn here's what I meant. You see streaks across the tiles that shoudn't be there. Also, here's a youtube video of that exact problem
  6. SIr Pep

    Guardians Of The 7 Gates (Dungeon Crawler Challenge)

    Did you do the art yourself?
  7. SIr Pep

    Asking for your feedback!

    Cool apps
  8. SIr Pep

    Unity colliders for very large maps

    That link is a whole series, so you'll probably be able to get other stuff out of it too. Your Welcome
  9. SIr Pep

    Unity colliders for very large maps

    Here's an example for what you probably want to do using Tiled. Much easier and very simple
  10. I guess I did get a little off topic there 😜 Thanks for answering my question!
  11. Thanks The problem I had with using the Unity Showcase is that it butters everything up. I've heard of several regular problems Unity has with 2D Rendering, that you would never find on their website, but you can find it everywhere else. Two big ones being the 3D one and that tiles don't render right, which I'm currently using a hack to "fix"
  12. On the programming side I'm fine. Both me and my friend that are making the game have been using C# for a bit now so we're pretty good when it comes to programming. I've heard Gamemaker is good for 2D...
  13. Hello All I'm currently working on a 2D Pixel art art game that at the end of the day will be similar in workload to Stardew Valley. I'm wondering if Unity would have all the requirements for making a game like that, or if another engine would be recommended. I'm currently using Unity so I just find myself wondering if I'll hit a wall at some point in capability, so I figured I'd ask some of you guys with way more experience, as I have barely any experience with the engine. I've also heard Unity adds a lot of 3D stuff that weighs down the program, Is that true? Thanks for taking the time and God bless
  14. SIr Pep

    Hello all

    A lot of people would advise you not to make your own game engine because it's so time consuming, but if you want to know how it work and have 8 years of programming experience that's up to you man As long as you have a clear cut picture of what you want to do then I'd say go get your dreams! Also read lots!!! I can't tell you if this is realistic for you and your girlfriend or not because as far as I know 3d isn't as easy... God bless your development and I hope you have a great day Also check out @Septopus... He seems to be doing something similar, maybe he could help you
  15. SIr Pep

    I want to make a game.

    @Creepa-Bot Inc. You do realize that you just quoted the very reason you shouldn't be doing this? There is a uniqueness and a personal side that every author no matter what genre works hard on. And as much as It's not my business what you do, that person worked hard on it and it's his. All these people that made it illegally doesn't give you the right too either. To sum it up it's hard work to make something original which is why lots of people don't. It's much easier and cheap to work with something that someone else made, and proved successful. I'll join the rest of the people above in saying good luck, but we as game developers are pretty passionate about this as you can see
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