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  1. Pelicjan

    DX8 to DX9 issues

    Thank you so much. I feel that I am one step closer to the goal However, I have another problem. I have this function: Can I change hr = pd3dDev->SetVertexShader(D3DFVF_CTVERTEX); to hr = _pGfx->gl_pd3dDevice->CreateVertexDeclaration(_adwDeclTemplateFF, &(_pGfx->gl_pVertexDeclaration)); hr = _pGfx->gl_pd3dDevice->SetVertexDeclaration(_pGfx->gl_pVertexDeclaration); ? And what should I do with hr = pd3dDev->CreateVertexShader( &_adwCurrentDecl[0], NULL, &vs.vs_dwHandle, dwFlags); ? In DX9, CreateVertexShader accepts completely different arguments. I don't quite understand what this function does. I will be grateful for any help.
  2. Pelicjan

    DX8 to DX9 issues

    Refresh Please help
  3. Hi, I want to change directx version that the game uses from 8 to 9 (if I succeed, maybe I will try to change to 11 in the future). I have a few problems that I can not deal with. Firstly, I don't know how to change vertex shader declaration. Secondly, I have a function that returns shader declaration from given flags. How to change it? And I have one question. Is it possible to combine dx8 shaders with dx9? Thanks for any help.
  4. I checked it using the process explorer. I saw which DLLs were loaded. Unfortunately, I don't have so many skills to do it. I have to give up. Thank you all for your help.
  5. I turned on OpenGL support instead of DirectX8 and checked on a PC and two laptops. It is just as, or even worse. What does it involve to change a supported directx version from 8 to 10?
  6. So the hardware mode can work worse than emulated? How can I check it?
  7. Are you sure? I have about 60 FPS on a PC with Windows 7 and old GPU. While there are laggs on the gaming laptop with Win10. Other people have much better hardware on PC and the game works worse than on my PC. Is it possible to change the directx version to e.g. 11? Do you think that could help?
  8. Hi, I have a game based on this engine: https://github.com/Croteam-official/Serious-Engine The game works better on old computers. On the newer and better hardware, it achieves less FPS and runs less smoothly than on the older one. This engine uses DirectX8. Could this be the reason for this dependence? I don't know where to look for a problem. Can anyone advise me something? Thanks.
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