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  1. Thanks for your suggestion!
  2. I see,thanks for your anwser. I'm looking for a multiplayer framework for my small game, most engine has CCU limit, since i can't afford to pay at a higher CCU limit, my game was a party game anyways, so i was wondering if in a p2p enviroment would it break the limit. By the way do you have any suggestion for a framework that all i need is a small party game.
  3. After a P2P game has established, does the player in the game count towards CCU? Or does CCU just apply when they are matchmaking?
  4. Thanks hpplus0603 and everyone else,i know where to start now
  5. Hi hplus0603,Is it possible to making this LAN model playable online?
  6. Thanks for reply. Indeed i do not have much programming experience,i came to game design as an artist,and trying to make game just for hobby.GMnet seems very interesting to me that its a network engine that doesn't require code.I was making my game with Unity using playmaker asset(which does not need coding). I think i should consider change to Game maker instead. By the way,if i were to learn coding,specific for game development(not general programming,ust for game),what course should i take so that i could save time?
  7. Hi, I am in the planning phase of making a small project that’s designed mainly for multiplayer. A top-down pixel art party game that support 6 player. For a multiplayer game I would have to design the game base on that from the beginning. Since I don’t have much knowledge on networking, I’m trying to find the easiest solution possible. Here are few of option I can think of but can’t decide. 1.GMnet - This seems pretty easy but I’m not sure, should I switch engine to GM just for this purpose?(I don’t need 3d anyways) 2.LAN - Is it possible to implement a Virtual LAN model Like how GameRanger/Garena/Hamachi works but has it built-in in the game itself and make a UI that player could access to my own matchmaking server? If possible how hard is this option, is there any asset that could make this easier? 3.Network Engines like Photon – This is way too costly for a free hobbyist game.
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