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  1. LittleFieryOne

    Advice for Programming a Cinematic Platformer

    No joke, you are the savior of this project. What I ended up doing was creating a new player object and creating the state machine from scratch. I was worried it would be a waste of time, but compared to what I had before, it's so much more efficient. And those links you gave me - that first one from especially - really helped me work out the logic better. Thank you so much, I'm hoping I can keep the ball rolling and maybe make something complete-ish, but we'll see. Again, I can't thank you enough.
  2. LittleFieryOne

    Advice for Programming a Cinematic Platformer

    Thank you so much for replying, I'd just started to think this post had gone under the radar. And thank you for the advice, a state machine definitely sounds exactly what I was asking for. I'm not planning on reusing any code, though; I was just sharing different approaches I thought I would have to take to start this. In fact, I've kind of started already, going with the second idea. But I could probably convert it quickly; this is more of a personal project, after all. I'd really like to start working with state machines, though, since I haven't practiced with the as much. Again, thank you so much, you might have just saved me!
  3. Hello, Over the rest of winter break I'm hoping to create a cinematic platformer in the style of Abe's Oddysee or Another World/Out of this World, in order to practice writing, design, art, and programming in one project. If I can at least get a proof of concept or prototype done, I'll be happy. But to be honest, I'm not exactly sure where to start with the logic or system that the game would require. For reference, I'll be doing this in Game Maker Studio 2, since I'm very familiar with GML. I was hoping I could discuss it here with somebody before diving into it. I have two ideas as to how I'd go about it, but they both seem like they'd be unnecessarily tricky to work with. Obviously, there'd be some kind of grid that the player's location would be set to. My first idea would be to set the player's speed depending on the input, then set it back to zero when the reach the appropriate grid location. This would be more in line with how I traditionally program a platformer. However, I'm not sure how I'd get it to only register input at one of the specified grid locations, at least not without a lot of testing. My other idea might be easier in that respect, that being I'd have different sprites for each type of movement, and when that sprite animation finishes, set the object's location to where it should be. I can see this working better with hit detection as well, but it would also mean precisely setting every single sprite's size, which might take to long given the time window I have. I don't know, if either of these ideas sound viable enough, let me know, but I just think it be interesting to talk about, since I can literally find no information on the subject anywhere else on the internet. Thank you for reading, and here's to hoping this account proves useful in the future, because at the moment I've only made it to talk about this.
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