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  1. Melione

    Interactive book (CYOA)

    Yeah, i know Game maker studio 2, i will try it. The game is really simple, just a Menu that includes options like, music, sound and text related configurations, and obviously the "load game" and "New Game" button. I am new to programming, i know the basic of C++, C# and the programming language that DDLC use.
  2. Hi, my friend and i are planning to do an interactive book or CYOA, you can call it The way you prefer But i was making somes researchs and i don't have found an specific engine to this type of game, it is relatively simple the genre of the game, the harder it would be to write the various endings and make a good book to be read and played So, anybody have some tips for me? Like wich engine to use, or wich programming language would be good to use.
  3. Melione

    PC Online co-op game

    So… i am new to the forum, but… this is my question some friends and i decided to make a rpg game, but during the discussion of how the game would be, the idea of a online co-op game came. My question is, wich engine is the better for we use it? The game features are Only 2 characters, wich player would control one Graphics: Pixelated, like the old final fantasy of SNES The game would have a Variety of finals, and the choices of the two players would interfere at At the end of the two. I think it is a A little too ambitious for beginners, but we also want to learn and the delay is not something that worries us much.
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