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  1. Hi, need some help Started working on a multiplayer server for my game. At the start, I've used some socket library, defined every type of message and handled the connections and everything myself. And then I thought of something - why not use RabbitMQ? Instead of creating socket connection to each client, I can just define queue for each client. Rabbit can handle a huge load, and I can use it to establish connections between my server and clients easily - I just need another server to handle incoming connections from each user and tell them where to subscribe (which queue). All of my clients publish in one channel for the server, but my server publishes for each client on a specific queue. Am I missing something here? Will rabbit give me fare performance? I'm not expecting it to be the best solution, but it sounds much easier then defining everything by myself.
  2. Hi, I'm doing some experimenting on network architecture and currently working on my multiplayer RPG game. The game is written in c# (of course) and the client\single player part has basic functionality, so now I've started working on the network side of stuff. I've heard about KryoNet(Java) and it seems like a good solution for my server. But as I'm fairly new with C#, I wasn't sure what is the best library to go along with it on the client side. There is no KryoNet-like library in C#, so I was wondering if you have any recommendation on a library you know, or should I just use the basic system.net of C# and try to learn from that. I would gladly accept any tips! Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the answer! KryoNet has a client-side library also, but it's in Java, and that does not help me much. I can write everything myself, just wanted something prepared Maybe I'll write something in C, build it and just use it as an executable with my C# code. Should be easier, since it's on windows either way.
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