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  1. Project Name: Project ONE Role(s) Required: 2D Character Artist/Animator, Unity Programmer My Role: Game Designer, Team Manager, Game Director. My Previous Projects: N/A as a team. Team Size: 2 Project Length: No public release date: Estimated 2019/2020 Compensation: Revenue Share + becomes paid shortly after first public release Requirements: 2D Character Artist/Animator: - Great experience with Creating & Animating characters - Experience With Creating characters in all sorts of art styles - Willing To Work with others Unity Programmer: - Great experience with Unity - Know how to make multiple choice Gameplay - Ability To Work well with other programmers if needed In General: - Good communication skills - Be active & reporting your progress to team leaders - Ability to speak English conversationally - Creativity - Sense of humor Project Description: Project ONE (Placeholder Name) is a Multiple Choice Horror Sci-Fi Adventure game similar to games such as OxenFree. You are Riley, after the death of your brother and sister You go on a local Weekend with your best friends Dax & Matt, you also meet some of your worst enemies... THIS IS A KICKSTARTER PROJECT, YOU WILL BE PAID ONCE WE HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW! Contact is at
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