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  1. Hello! Within the next two or three months I'll be releasing a unique system for improving play of cue sports such as pool and snooker. I have a fairly detailed plan for a mobile game and training app that incorporates the system that I'll be teaching through my website and YouTube channels. I would like to release it at the same time. As a non-coder I tried to learn Unity 3D and Bolt visual scripting on my own, but after a week I realized just how long it would take me to get up to speed to accomplish what I'd like. I'd like to meet and team up with someone local who is experienced with Unity or another 3D engine. I think it's a quick project for an experienced developer. I'm willing to pay a developer $500 for the completed iOS and Android app and split app revenue 50/50. If I can't find a local developer within two weeks, I'm willing to look outside of my local area. My ideas for the game are unlike any other pool or snooker game app available, and although I can't offer guarantees, I think it will be embraced by the worldwide cue sport community. Though most cue sport games require physics, this one doesn't, so I hope that helps to reduce the load on the developer. Please private message me if you're interested, and if anyone seeing this has friends local to me who have the talent and might be interested, please let them know. Edit: I've already found great tables and balls available as assets on the Unity store if the developer wants to use them rather than designing new ones, so that should give us a head start. Thanks for looking! Jeff
  2. Thanks, Septopus. I'm still open to other options including collaboration, but I think I'll spend the next week or two cramming in Unity and Bolt tutorials. I may ditch the whole idea afterwards, but I figure it's worth this time investment just to see if it's possible for me to do on my own.
  3. Actually, I think Bolt only works with Unity. I got about halfway through the online Bolt manual last night. It looks great, and I'm assuming that Unity is capable of doing any type of mobile game a person can come up with, so my little quiz should be no problem, right? Thanks
  4. That's awesome, Sir Pep! It's great when you can get up every day with excitement about what you're working on. Thanks for the Sir "Pep talk"! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  5. Thanks, Sir Pep. I was really excited learning that there were drag and drop engines like Buildbox. I just have a feeling that it can't do what I want it to do, and I'd be knee deep in the project before I found out I'd have to start over. That's why Unity with visual coding like Bolt looks attractive to me now, and I'd love to make the game 3D. But I realize it's probably a pretty steep learning curve. Then again, I might actually catch the game developing bug after this app. Who knows. It could be a new hobby. But again, I'm high on caffeine right now. ๐Ÿ‚
  6. Wow. Thanks to both of you for letting me know it's even more complicated than I'd originally thought. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would definitely want it to be for both iOS and Android, so I'll do some more research about distribution and which engines will build and export for both. Maybe it's the strong coffee I had today, but I'm actually feeling like I may want to get into learning how to use Unity combined with the visual scripting of Bolt. Later tonight when I crash, I may go back to being more reasonable. ๐Ÿ˜
  7. Zakwayda, yes I'm still looking for any feedback anyone would like to offer. As for devices and distribution, I don't know anything about what's involved. I was just thinking any phone or tablet running iOS or Android. Desktop would be nice also, but it's not essential.
  8. Thanks, Septopus. I'll definitely consider it. Although I wanted to release this app at the same time as another project I'm working on, I may be willing to wait and learn more about game development in my spare time. I'm also looking at Construct 3 now to see what it has to offer.
  9. Thanks, Septopus. Yes, exactly. The images will contain clues that allow the users to guess a number or other value. I was looking at Unity and possible visual scripting with Bolt or something similar, but the couple of videos I saw on Bolt was like the presenter speaking a foreign language. Unity looks very attractive to me being that it's free and very capable, but I'm sure it would take me many months to figure it all out. Buildbox looks like it's marketed towards non-coders like me, but it looks rather limited and that it probably wouldn't cover what I'm trying to do. There also appears to be quizmaking software, but again they seem limited and not geared towards what I want. I love learning new skills, but maybe you're right that I should find a hobby programmer who'd be interested in collaborating.
  10. Hello. I'm brand new to this ominous world of game development. For the last few days, I've read articles and watched videos trying to decide if I have the ability to create the type of game app for iOS and Android that I'd like and also if there is software that would allow a non-coder like me to do it without several months of learning curve. Since I don't plan to be a steady app developer it will most likely be a one-off project, so learning coding languages just for this one app is probably too big of a time investment and diversion from what I already have on my plate. The app I want to create is for a very limited audience, and I don't plan to make much if any money from it, so I don't want to put too much money into it. Off the top of my head I'm thinking it would be foolish for me to invest more than about $300 in software and whatever else I'd need to bring the app to the app stores. Anyway, here's what I'm trying to do. I know it's possible, but is it possible for a guy like me without any experience? -There would be an image (hopefully full-screen) that corresponds to an exact value within a limited range of continuous (non-stepped) values. Using some sort of continuous slider, the user would input his or her best guess at the value. Scoring would be based on how close the user's guess is to the image's exact value. After guessing, the game would move on to the next image, and so on. -The images have no moving parts. Although I'm willing to settle for 2D and no rotation, I'd like for the images to be 3D and for the user to be able to rotate the images along the XYZ planes so that they see the same image from different camera perspectives. -Although the inventory of images can be limited, the game would need to randomize the image inventory so that the quiz game is different every time it's played. -I'd want the number of possible images to be at least 100, but the more the better, so I'm curious about file size issues. All of the images would be made up of the same few elements, so I'm guessing that there's a lighter-weight way to have potentially nearly infinite numbers of images by programming a randomness of the relationship of these elements to one another. I'm also guessing that this relative geometry that would also determine the exact value for the user to guess would be the much more difficult route for a non-coder. -It would also be nice to allow users to draw or write on the images any way they'd like before entering their answers. I have lots of ideas and I'm sure lots of issues, but these are the main ones. Any thoughts you can offer me on which of the above ideas are too big for a beginner to take on and which software is likely to match what I'm trying to accomplish would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading such a long question! Jeff
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