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  1. Jacky Chan

    Indie Game Team Searching for New Talent

    Well if you are interested, contact leomidestreet@gmail.com and see what you've got
  2. Jacky Chan

    Indie Game Team Searching for New Talent

    It's 2D Pong remake. That's why it's meant to be simple to make
  3. Greetings to all my lovely game makers, Our Indie hobby game team is searching for new talents and THIS COULD BE YOU! We have just started out as a small team. Therefore, we haven't released any games or make any incomes yet. This also means we can't afford to pay anyone for their work. But if the game we have made together has been successful and we get some incomes from it, you will get paid for the fair amount of work you have done. Obviously, there is going to be credits when the game has released so it will be worth doing it if you want to get out game making industry. Interestingly enough, we are working on a Pong relaunch and we have finished making the beta version of it. But we are still recruiting more amazing people to make it better. So we are currently looking for: Model Designers Graphical Designers (Artwork, Textures, Materials, etc) Effects Designers Animation Designers We are working currently with the Unreal Engine Version 20 for our project Pong+. We also have a future project after Pong+ but we are still not sure what we are going to make. But we know that we are a singleplayer Story and RPG Game Dev Team. The Pong Project is just to start with something easy to make a name and possibly get a little money with that we can push the team. We also take rookies (as long as they have at least enough skills for a simple game like Pong) Contact about the mail: leomidestreet@gmail.com Please attach examples (You don't have to actually if you are a rookie) of your work and which position you are looking for in the mail. Best Regards leomidestreet Group Team
  4. Jacky Chan

    Lets make a video game! - Project 16x16

    Hi, I am a composer and I have been composing music for 4 years. I am interested in doing soundtracks and possibly some sound designing for this game. I mainly do orchestral soundtracks but I can also do other genres of music as well. There are links below for the compositions I did previously. Please reply to this message or message me privately if you are interested in collaborating. Spotify: Soundcloud:
  5. Hi Everyone, I have been doing sound on this tennis game project and the game needs a huge crowd of clapping and cheering sound when the player scores. It would be grateful if I can get as many people as possible to record themselves clapping and cheering in their room for 5-10 seconds and I will mix it all down into a huge crowd. If you want to be part of the crowd in the tennis game, please don't hesitate to DM me an audio track of you cheering in your room. Many thanks to anyone who wants to get involved!
  6. I am a composer with 3 years of experience and I mainly do orchestra music. Recently I have been collaborating with Septopus doing the game 'Slingbot Boarding'. If anyone who is interested to collaborate a project with me feel free to message me. The links below are my composition examples so feel free to check it out. Spotify: Soundcloud:
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