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  1. Colby Ray

    Help with 3d collision question

    I'm using java not c++ so I don't think I can use any libraries? I'm keeping the mesh data stored client side, but I'm using drawarrays not drawelements (I always had trouble with texturing with draw elements). I guess I could grab the face index list when I'm parsing the obj, though. But if the point in polygon test doesnt need them I'll try that first. I'm curious how it works. Of course a navmesh sounds really cool now. I'll attempt it in the next couple days and keep checking and rereading. So thanks again!
  2. Colby Ray

    Help with 3d collision question

    Ok, wow and thank you. To clarify, I am writing this myself...no engine. If I did extrude the edges up but kept them invisible, I still don't know how I'd go about registering a collision. I've never heard of navmeshes or point in concave polygon tests, but I'd follow a good tutorial. If I could. I keep the whole lake loaded at once, it's not very much data. The edge is part of the mesh, not sure what you're alluding to. What i want is simply for the boat to not be able to move past the lake. Just to stop. I don't need ultra realism, as long as it can move across the whole lake and never beyond it. I may be able to do that grid strategy, I was hoping I could find the easiest fastest solution. Thanks for suggesting what to research. This is a very difficult thing to attempt, I am taking it slow.
  3. Hi, I'm new to 3d work. My platform is android with opengl es 3. I use blender to model the 3d. I made a lake and the camera moves around the scene. But my question is how to confine it to the lake area. To prevent the boat from leaving the lake. In blender the lake is just a 2d plane really, but of irregular shape. Would I need to know points around the lakes perimeter? How would I get that? How would you do it?
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