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  1. Hate to double post but after I held this weeks meeting I'm also looking for another Programmer to help out on the tech side and complete a combat feature. Bonus points for AI and Game Design experience. Methods of contact are in my signature below! (Discord for quickest reply)
  2. Hello! I'm recruiting 2D animators for my game that's currently in development. I need high energy animators who are interested in making Rule-Of-Cool animations and excited with working with a team of Grad Students, Freelancers, and advisors in the gaming industry. This is a great game to get behind if you're looking to gain experience. We have a build that displays functionality available to download, however, because the game is still in its early stage none of the final approved artwork has been implemented yet. You can download the build from my LinkedIn Profile page in the Accomplishments > Project section here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshua-fenby/ Any animators should have a portfolio showcasing their abilities and have at least 5 hours of capacity a week to contribute to the game. We have Bi-Weekly Sprints and a weekly Agile Meeting every Sunday at 12:00 PM (1200 Hours) Eastern Standard Time. At the moment everyone is working on the demo of the game for free, however, I plan on taking the game to Kickstarter in March to start funding. If you're interested and would like to assist, send me a message and we can do an interview! Description Project Name: Tricker Triger Team Size: 11 People Engine: Unity 2018.1.2f1 (64-bit) What you'll need: Hack n Plan & Google Drive | (GitHub is optional) Software needed: Any 2D software like photoshop is okay so long as it's licensed. Location: Remote Compensation (Full Game Development): Milestone Based & Revenue Share | Bonuses will be given via contributions made Payment Methods: Pay Pal Requirements: Portfolio Project Info: Genre: Active Turn-based RPG Theme: Space Exploration | Science Fantasy Synopsis: A massive unknown energy wave exploded across the galaxy, causing warp gates to shut down and damage to electronics everywhere. Our Hero wakes up from a malfunction in a cryo-pod and is greeted by his unknown friend. Gather your companions and tread across different worlds where your decision will drastically have an effect on the story’s events. Goals: 1st) Combat | 2nd) Exploration | 3rd) Resource Gathering Targeted Audience: Age 18-25 Development Time: 4 Months into development Progress: Tech side is almost completed, 3D Art is halfway done, some Progress on 2D animation, all 2D characters have been created. Art Style: Simplistic Stylize
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