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  1. Hello all, I need some help with distorting a water quad using a DuDv map. I have been following ThinMatrix's Water tutorials, for the most part successfully. For my particular problem, I followed this tutorial: Upon using a DuDv map to distort my water quad, all seems fine, except that there is a small problem. There are line seams across the water quad. The attached image illustrates the issue. This is my code: water.vertexshader // The coordinates to sample the dudv map with layout(location = 0) in vec3 vertex; void main(){ texCoords = vec2(vertex.x/2.0 + 0.5, vertex.z/2.0 + 0.5) * 0.24; // vertex is a read-in coordinate from a blender exported mesh file } water.fragmentshader uniform sampler2D waterDuDv; uniform float in_time; void main(){ vec2 distortion = texture(waterDuDv, vec2(texCoords.x + in_time, texCoords.y)).rg * 0.1; distortion = texCoords + vec2(distortion.x, distortion.y + in_time); vec2 totalDistortion = (texture(waterDuDv, distortion).rg * 2.0 - 1.0) * 0.02; // Projectively map the reflection texture vec2 clipProj = ((clipSpace.xy / clipSpace.w) / 2.0 + 0.5); clipProj.y *= -1.0f; // Distort sampled texture with dudv map clipProj += totalDistortion; clipProj.x = clamp(clipProj.x, 0.001, 0.999); clipProj.y = clamp(clipProj.y, -0.999, -0.001); finalVec = vec4(texture(waterTexture, clipProj).rgb, 1.0); // waterTexture is a Render to Texture reflection image of the scene } If anyone could point out what's wrong or point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance!
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