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  1. William Braddell

    Otherworld release (A soundtrack for a hypothetical RPG)

    Thanks Nate, I actually can't believe I missed this! Having a theme is so essential. I'm trying to work on a new track now with one, it may not be the strongest again but I'll share it here when I'm done and you can tell me what you think! Thanks so much! Jeremy Soule is pretty much God in my eyes so I'm pretty humbled to hear what I've done reminds you of him. Thank you both so much for what have been two very helpful replies and I'll post here again when I've got more to show!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a Kiwi male trying to establish myself as a composer in the world of video game music design. I've just finished a small soundtrack for a hypothetical RPG. It isn't perfect but I created it to showcase my developing skills. You can check it out here for free: I posted this in the hopes of getting feedback so feel free to give me your thoughts! I look forward to participating on this forum Cheers, William
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