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  1. you are right ,I need to do find answers by myself in the forums ,instead of losing in reverie.I will work hard and hard !
  2. it's very kind of you to help me ,thank you very much XD
  3. my question : about game design: 1、If I want to be a professional game designer ,which ability should I have ?Should I learn a lot about game programming or art design in order to cooperate with others better? 2、Is there any standards about game design(or I say to be a game designer)?exactly I probably think all the people(if they want to make a game ) can have good ideas to do the games , it don't need special people ,can it make the game designer uesless ?(in fact I wanted to take part in the game jam before ,but some people told me ,they didn't need people just can design the games ,because they could not do the practical work ,and they could organize the ideas too )so what is the position of game designer? 3、what is the work flow of game designer ?how to organize a stroy that can be used in a game ?what's the different between the literature and the stories of game ?As a student majored in literature ,what I should do to change my academic abilities to make the game . about the graduate school : 1、Is it worth to go to a college to study game design?(can you give some tips to choose the school ?) or go to a company would be better (but I think nobody want to employ a person without game design experiences)? 2、If I want to study game design in college ,how should I prepare my projects ,make a game demo ?just a design plan ?If I should make a game demo,what I should learn to make it come true ?(I really have no idea to make it ) I hope it could be more clear.
  4. Let me introduce myself first ,I am a student major in chinese literature(your know ,I am from china ),but I really don't want to study literature anymore ,for the academic system is so bad .I want to choose a more freedom and sincere field to study (I know it‘s not very easy).By accident ,I have access to indie games ,and I think it's more closed to what I want to express(writing can complete some goals too ,but I pay more attention to interaction),I learn python and processing by myself (do some simple things ,just for fun ),but I have no idea how can I complete a game by myself .I even plan to apply to graduate school (like NYU,USC) to study game design ,but I have no works now……I really need some advice . I find this website accidently(how luck I am !) ,VPN sometimes works not very well ,maybe I can't reply the comments promptly . Thank you very much !
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