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  1. Hi! I and my brother have assembled a small team of seven who are working on a weekend-hobby project of ours. Originating from ideas about a Fire Emblem board game, we've decided to create a video game that pays homage to early Fire Emblem and Advance Wars entries as a tactical, turn-based strategy game that will have a single player campaign but will also include online multiplayer at its core, with well-thought-out balancing, unlike titles whose online multiplayer systems were jury-rigged by third parties (online Advanced Wars mods) or destroyed by additional layers of DLC (Fire Emblem: Fates, looking at you). Trading items/characters with other players, challenging each other on mildly-customizable maps, and several game modes are a few anticipated features. Currently, this will be a labor of love type of project, with monetization being a distant end-goal. The holy grail would include physical collectibles such as trading cards with QR codes that can be scanned for in-game items. What we have, talent-wise: Storywriting, Lore, and Character background writing Level Design Experience in Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Constructor 2, C, C#, and C++, and other general programming knowledge (UI design, debugging, QA, etc) Artwork (splash artists, pixel art) Our biggest issue is that, although we have two amazing artists (one who focuses on animated pixel art, the other focusing on portrait and splash art), we don't have enough of them! This game requires a lot of artwork, as it's the nature of the beast to have a large number of unique characters. It's unfair to expect only one artist to do it all, so the more help, the better! We won't turn down any help from writers, musicians, or programmers who are interested in working on a Unity-based project, though, so we're glad to take any help we can get from any background. Feel free to leave a comment here or send me a PM and I'll be happy to give you a link to our Discord, where I can give you the full rundown on what we have so far, and what you could help with. Thanks! David A.
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