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  1. Greetings! I'm Bernd pretty much a solo developer until now using C# and Monogame, I managed to create a 2D game engine from scratch and started an unfinished project called "Aeon's Dawn" exactly the type of JRPG game that you described with this post. The reason this project/game never finished is that it was just too big for me alone. I'm a programmer and puzzle solver in heart and soul, I was working with a small team of several artist but as they moved on to other projects I saw no way for me to finish it up. I have no regrets leaving the project behind, I learned oh so much from it. I really would like to work in a team again, I have some personal experiences with leading/being part of one and the responsibilities that come with being in one. I'm very strict on deadlines and keeping anyone equally informed if they desire to be so. Sadly I have no real experience using Unity (aside from the opening it up and having a look at the insides and it's API). But I have confidence that I can manage to adapt. Let's skip the walls of texts and sum some things up: Years of C# experience Experience with optimizing game's performance, graphically (basic HLSL) and internally (worked with infinite maps before) Creating an interface for outside modding using LUA Experience working in a team Some limitations: Currently I'm pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, overall my free time is plentiful, but I can't guarantee 40 hours work per week. I'm really really really looking forward to contributing to a team effort again. I want to be challenged once more, this project seems great. EDIT: Sorry I might have not made it clear enough, I'm looking for a project to work on in my free time. I'm not immediately looking for monetary compensation.
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