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  1. P.B. Stairmaster

    Looking for additional programmer

    You're right, should have mentioned that I'm using Unity/C#. I don't want to give away too many details of the game publicly, but I will say that it's a rhythm game. Assets have already been taken care of.
  2. I am a student whose goal is to create small-scale but well made projects that can go in a portfolio. The project I am working on currently I believe will also be good enough to go on Steam and make a bit of money once it's done, but I really need to bring on more programmers who can help alleviate the workload. I am a programmer myself, and will get this done with or without help, but I would like to move as fast as possible. The project is simple enough that we could be done in a few weeks, and then we will both have something which we can send to employers, plus a potential source of income. If the above sounds interesting to you and you enjoy programming and are good at it, get in touch, preferably via PM, and I will tell you more about the project. I can provide plenty of examples of past work so you know I am fo realz.
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