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  1. I have an idea to write a 3d (in sense of having also altitude) "isometric" game. It will probably be drawn using 2D graphics giving an illusion of 3D (like diablo 2). The main goal will be able to move over the surface (X,Y) and also dive into ruins, caverns and climb mountains and go over towers. Similar to Fallout 2 (where you can go up and down). Of course there are some issues, for example since is "2d" iteration between actors located in different levels (like someone over a tower shooting in someone on floor), would occurs as the distance where the projection (ignoring the Z coordinate). The second issue is how to address this data, my idea was to create small map "cubes", taking like 5 times screen in (X,Y) direction and 7 floors and everytime the players will have 27 small maps loaded in memory (the one he is) + 8 around it, 9 above and 9 below. (imagine a 3x3 cube). The full map can take hundreds of cubes and they will dynamically loaded based on player position. The player only simulates its own line of sight everything out of it is out of simulation and the server takes care of it. What do you think about these ideas? Should I go with a full 3d collision and make things more "realistic?" What about the map memory allocation, I thought to go in chunks to avoid too much file reading. You can see more details here.
  2. While developing a authoritative server to control game state and physics, is it worth to also duplicate the physics engine inside the client and do a sanity check every n frames or this is just throwing resources away since most of time the client will be out of sync?
  3. igormorgado

    Levels of authoritative server

    Thanks Septopus, yes. I think that keep the client with physics and just rewind in case of disagreement is a better approach. I still need to learn more about this.
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