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    Age restrictions with companies

    Ireef, Coming from a similar background, the advice I can give is to keep up with the small projects. By and large, your age shouldn't be a discriminating factor. What will be the discriminating factor is the lack of industry experience (which the small projects should help prove that you have some experience). That was my issue when I transitioned from the army to the game industry. I applied to a lot of studios but rarely would hear back. I managed to become friends with a hiring manager at a medium-sized studio whom I met at a conference and he gave me that feedback. I eventually managed to get my foot in the door at an indie company. What is not immediately transparent is that big studios are looking for the "quick fix" solution most of the time. If they need a programmer with x-number of years, they get a programmer with x-number of years. Most companies do not have a set career progression scheme or care much about deviating from the criteria of what they are looking for, so what that means for us that transition careers is that we are likely going for entry-level positions which are very tough because plenty of people apply. I can say, once you work there for a bit, you stand a good chance of getting a leadership position because of the military experience. At least, that's what happened to me. I hope this helps
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