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  1. This idea came to me in a dream. It's a choose your own adventure game. 2D and VR optional. Basically, you are set up in a big town with other live players. You are free to do what you'd prefer. For example, in the game you could stay at home and do any mundane activity that you choose. Or, explore and find quests. These quests are no dragons and knights. This setting is taken place in a regular town in a modern day time frame. You could find a quest from a programmed avatar who would need help trying to capture a criminal, etc. You could be like Grand Theft Auto and be the one people try to capture. You could get a job. You could meet people (being a live game) and go to a restaurant, smoke, drink, play darts/pool, get a hotel room with someone etc. The game is what you want to make of it. Either it's a simple story line (for someone like me) who likes to explore different places, do extreme sports and play mini games with other live players. Or. You can make it something completely different and fierce with a whole lot of action. It's your choice. All people would love this game because they are almost designing it as it goes. What will be the adventure today? Or what will the regular day bring? Thoughts? Comments? An e-mail is fine, too. Taraloumccarthy@gmail.com. So far this is an idea. And the post is would you play it? Are there interests in coming up with a game plan on this.
  2. Tara Louise

    MMORPG Brilliant Game Idea.

    Feel you.
  3. Tara Louise

    MMORPG Brilliant Game Idea.

    I had that same question come to me a few minutes ago. Either I make it a town with some restrictions or I call it somehow a Vacation Land type game. Every night a new activity. Karaoke, gambling, drinking, fishing. etc. Again... quests. Then somehow try to fit action into it since that's what people really enjoy. This is all very raw. Maybe have an option in the game for other players to create different towns/themes and have other live players explore in them.
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