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  1. TheLiamEnterprise

    DORU an idea i'm brewing up just need opiniouns

    kinda new here how do i edit my post lol
  2. TheLiamEnterprise

    DORU an idea i'm brewing up just need opiniouns

    Well I'm still thinking of who but I don't want to offend anyone or come of as a racist any suggestions on that part. so I should keep the surprise a secret ,and I'm still working on names of different characters and am doing some research also but I'm not looking for something history accurate, thanks for your feed back.☺
  3. TheLiamEnterprise

    DORU an idea i'm brewing up just need opiniouns

    Well Geonamic it's really complicated but i'm thinking on setting it to be based on during the colonial era ,and as for how she got separated from her father when her father told her to hide during the invasion/raid, joining the fight to defend his village and his people in the process her father was taken as a prisoner. After learning she's a demi goddess she has to save her people from the One only known as Umermu (In my Language Means The Wicked one) who wants to sacrifice her father and enslave her peoples soul for all eternity, and the betrayal comes at the end which is a satisfying end but can also lead to a sequel...
  4. Doru on a quest to save her father from the hands of slave masters and a jealous god. As she embarks on her journey, she unveils the mysteries of her life together with the hidden truth of her birth and how she's a demi goddess. Now, Doru must save not just her father but her people and as she treads on a path filled with dangers,and thrilling adventures she meets with dark magic other demi gods demons and spirits. with a shocking betrayal. i'm thinking rpg mechanics with a small amount of fantasy what do you guys think i'm just starting ... i've already written the entire story line would be way too long if i wrote it all on here.... PS: i'm still working on a name but i kinda like this one
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