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  1. What do you mean "file-trash"? UE4 is on github too. Calling Github a trash can for code (at least that is what I think you meant by that word) is just ignorant.
  2. So do you think that the engine I linked (xenko) is not of good quality and reliable?
  3. What about rust? The language is really clean and I like it. Also I think you can get away with managed languages like C# just fine if you don't intend to create an AAA tier engine. Example: https://github.com/xenko3d/xenko
  4. Well the same can be said about game physics, it's just an approximation of reality. It uses a simplified model (based on classical mechanics?) to describe the interaction of physical objects. Light transportation can be described as lightrays going around in the scene, not including effects like polarisation etc.. However it's a good enough physical model of our visible world. I guess what I am trying to express is that everything related to game physics (including optics and classical mechanics) is based on a model, a simplified view of the world that is still able to produce convincing results (to an extend). Guess I'll start with a lighting engine at first, the other parts or not that interesting to me at least. Thanks for the links
  5. Yes because realistic light interaction requires simulation of physic laws and therefore graphics is involves physical calculation i.e. solving the redering equation. So I would say you can't really separate those concepts -> realistic looking water needs "100%" physics
  6. Okay thanks for the awesome responses and the input guys, I guess I will try to do it on my own first and keep you all updated Let's see how far I can get on my first attempt lol.
  7. - Why would I want custom containers and smartpointers. Isn't that what the STL is for? - Eh well a custom C++ parser is beyond the scope - I am going to use a language that supports reflection for scripting. - visual scripting is not needed too. Isn't it possible to gain experience together with someone else who is on the same level as me?
  8. Okay yeah I know about the other part of the engine. But I am rather interested in building a graphics engine. Everything else can be third party Yup, I know. Maybe you are right and I should start alone first. I just thought that maybe someone else would join me. I only got half of your response, but I guess you are correct that anything more complex requires a huge amount of work and dedication. But that's alright, I am not trying to compete with other software build by hundreds of professionals. It will be a small engine that can be used for demoing purposes and minor games. Anything else is just unrealistic ;D
  9. But I want to write an engine not use an existing one
  10. Hello guys, It was always my dream to create a little game engine (or rather a graphics engine) for fun. I know it's a huge load of work, but that's the challenge. It would be great, if anyone wants to join me in this quest. Programming language doesn't really matter (except for python and javascript.), I prefer C++. I am currently finishing my bachelors degree and have done graphics stuff in the past.
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