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  1. eladmiara

    Would you play this game?

    Yea i draw it
  2. eladmiara

    Would you play this game?

    How about this?
  3. There is no photo of the sprites...
  4. eladmiara

    Would you play this game?

    thanks yea i get it need to upgrade the art couple of lvls
  5. eladmiara

    Would you play this game?

    Haha thanks, well the music made with proffesional studio so its great, And i really took the time for the story, so i think its great too. Can you be more specific about the graphic, what do you think can be better? (The water and sand im working on animation so its not close to be finished yet)
  6. eladmiara

    Would you play this game?

  7. eladmiara

    Would you play this game?

    Its 2d rpg, great story, great music. Im just not sure if ppl like the graphic or i should switch to stardew valley / pokemon "cube" graphic 6de48f540dff19fb0f081fee6bebd84afd4d4a87.webp beda0c2c0311721a2ccbdb6a9742593d3a0239a3.webp 6e108077c5a6e4df093687da63195f4543070f74.webp
  8. i made the tile set and main char im having problem to start building the beach in unity could some1 help?
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