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  1. So you are saying C# is for multicore. Does that means now multicore microcontrollerss are being released there will be a C# comiler ?, i dont think so. Lets see what the future brings, windows sucks anyways now a days, please dont ruing my microcontrollers with your C#. Keep your negative things and fantasy RPGs here in this site please.
  2. What do you mean linked list cache misses ?
  3. Microsoft brainwashed you with C#, now you belong to microsoft.
  4. Sound Master

    Rotate screen DX9

    You mean changing the up vector ? Nice one, i understand now.
  5. Sound Master

    Rotate screen DX9

    No, i like to support both in game. So you can have the option to rotate the whole screen. The presented image has to be rotated and scaled to fit horizontally or vertical. Take a look to this game for example : There is a option to rotate the screen and have full screen in a vertical shooter game.
  6. You are missing the shiny wow effect. Thats what missing in a laptop only. Use analog gear.
  7. Sound Master

    Where do you get your sound effects from?

    I like to make non-realistic games, future/space, there it wont have to sound exact as a musket. If i have to make musket sound i go listen youtube different sources, then create a sound based on that and record it at the required samplerate.
  8. Sound Master

    Rotate screen DX9

    Hi, how can i rotate the whole screen for DirectX9 ? I like to rotate it 90 and/or 270 degrees. thanks in advance
  9. Sound Master

    Tips for "selling" a game idea?

    Not nice to downvote me, at least i come with a solution how to get rid of his idea. You wanto say that it is not possible ? Ok they are not the best programmers, maybe that is why i get the downvote.
  10. Sound Master

    Tips for "selling" a game idea?

    You can hire programmers in India.
  11. I am new to inverse kinematics, i have it in 2D only so far. For the robot i used entire code, with some directX functions to get the positions. Now i like to do 3D inverse kinematics, only i dont spend much time game making. I will make a new topic when i,m ready for 3D IK. btw : i used the quake code for inverse squareroot to speed up IK instead of math functions. And idd. i seen many games with twitchy IK, unexplainable behaviour, very fast per frame movements.
  12. No i dont mean to say blender is not professional. I mean i like all my matrices moved by code. Blender is free, so i wont refer to 3DM*x or M*ya, dont give them free promotion, they charge per month.
  13. I also have this pivot problem when making legs walk. Indeed like tesselator says : make the movement correct, later look at the animations. I made a robot walk, the movement is ok, only the legs look almost like skiing, the pivot need to move somehow, and the upper leg and lower leg need to be not equal size i found out. i hope someone cal tell more about this. btw : these books and tutorials i saw all assume you make the animation in blender somehow, that is not very professional. I use a matrix for every bodypart.
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