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  1. Sound Master

    to start with coding mini-games (1-2 days)

    Somebody has downvoted me without saying why, that is rude.
  2. Sound Master

    to start with coding mini-games (1-2 days)

    For a card game you dont need a game loop, just events. For a gambling machine you can add timer to randomize graphics. Then its time for tetris, can be still done without game loop, here you can add gameloop for smooth block falling and accurate keyinput. Now make bomberman, try online gameplay. 1/2 days you know how it goes : that is what everybody says until they find out its always like : i would make that in 2 days, yeah right. They not even trying, nor have they finished such crappy games, learn from it for 2 days and proceed if you see the light. Dont ever finish a game, proceed learning.
  3. Find a project and mess with some values.
  4. Sound Master

    How to avoid open-world grind?

    Automate things, and make sure you can spend all money.
  5. Sound Master

    My Skeleton Monster Sound design !

    The voice sounds underwater. How did you make the attacksounds ?
  6. Sound Master

    Trouble with glsl pseudo code

    Looks like good code.
  7. Sound Master

    New Game Trailer

    Looks like this game has a menu only.
  8. 1 : Card game 2 : Casino game 3 : Tetris game ... 17 : Strategy game
  9. At least he did not ask for a MMORPG.
  10. Sound Master

    I need tips for breaking into Game Industry

    Sounds like you have enough reason to not use unity or unreal. Once you have something you can build upon it. Just dont buy a PS4 and get discouraged.
  11. Sound Master

    I need tips for breaking into Game Industry

    You can not force yourself, get a second hobby also when you staring to much. Combine at least the 4 hours you get for one thing, get busy until you accomplished something. 4 hours is not much, i have to stop programming 1 or 2 hours in advance so i wont have to undo any changes and am sure of the changes made. Work for 2 or 3 weeks 12 hours a day, and then do something else for best results, once you get going you cant stop, else you have to re-settle. Re-settling : where was i, what did i do yesterday/last week/last month ? Phone,doorbel or whatever makes you lose focus and need to re-settle again. Programming goes without thinking.
  12. This is nice, building on that idea : You can make a nice explosion effect animation when dies, meanwhile every frame is used to compare all pointers and remove if needed. The animation need to be as long as needed before removing itself. Better you also have zones in your map so you dont have to check to much.
  13. Look what i have accomplished : It is 2D game with 3D meshes. Only the stupid windows10 update makes the computer hang when exiting fullscreen, can not handle the coinitialize for the sound, without sound no crash.
  14. Sound Master

    3D game design with no engine / code orientated

    Someone gave me this link : https://urho3d.github.io/ Looks like all code based, only i can not tell if it is any good. You can sell and change everything you like with this one, unlike unreal-engine and unity.
  15. Sound Master

    Free compilers high performance ?

    Nice one Hodgman. I downloaded the vs_buildtools.exe. Hope this wont be painfull, and not have to compile 100 files seperately. Is this the latest compiler the same as VS2017 ?, nice.
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