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  1. Bhelisarios

    Help me with my gamedev hobby

    Hmm okey. Turn-based seem like a much better and easier way to me now.
  2. Bhelisarios

    Help me with my gamedev hobby

    Programming ai will be sure a lot of fun a something harder to get into also. Thanks but I don't understand how simulation have a strong time component. Maybe because of my not so good English...
  3. Bhelisarios

    Help me with my gamedev hobby

    DavinCreed: That's a good idea. Maybe it will be manageable this way. fleabay: I know it but thanks. Also, I like Construct and Godot engine
  4. Hello, I'm a former student of IT (one year) and now I study mass media. I quit because I felt not good enough to be a real programmer, but I always had a knack for mathematics and have a creative mind. IT was my dream (mainly game creating) when I was young. Now I miss it and want to go for it and do it as a non-profit hobby. However, it isn't easy as you all know. Always being a fan of RTS or RPG games it's hard to get involved in easier projects. Never played 2D platformers, puzzle games or FPS. I know they are the way to learn, but they are the same boring to create as to play for me. Not learning much with little progress making these genres I feel lost. So, to the point of this post. How should I approach my problem to continue my hobby? I enjoy logical and algorithmic approach to problems and also creating simple pixel art is fun. Thank everyone for replies
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