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  1. Interestingly enough Mandarin is actually what I was trying to learn with it haha. Not really sure how well the app is working for me though -- I'm still in the super early stages, but it seems like it kinda just thrusts you into memorizing words and characters in a random order, and maybe needs more structure or something if that makes sense. What tips do you have on learning Mandarin out of curiosity?
  2. I was actually just thinking about this. Lately I've been playing around with this language learning app (Duolingo) which in fairness isn't really a game, but does have some "gamification" type features, and it kinda got me thinking about whether it would be possible to harness a more traditional style of gameplay to teach something like that. (For example, an RPG or adventure game where you wake up in a strange place and everyone speaks a different language and you need to learn enough of it to get by.) As others have said, it probably boils down to making the actual gameplay fun rather than just interactive quizzes or flashcards or whatever. Good luck with your educational game project and I'd be interested to hear more about it!
  3. devharts

    Game engine on ios

    Interesting question -- I've been working on a game built with SpriteKit, using Xcode (and working on it from a Mac)... Googling around I came across an app called Codea which looks like it may have some of what you're looking for? Alternatively you might look into building the core functionality of the game using a more traditional engine, but seek out iPad apps for working on specific parts of the content such as pixel art, level data, etc. Good luck and I'd be curious to hear more about your project or if you come across an ideal solution!
  4. @benjamin1441 Thanks for the response!! Yep it's the App store I'm aiming for -- I haven't released there before, so it'll be a learning experience going through the review process and everything. As for the game, it's a 2D SpriteKit game based around sort of a "bubble shooter" mechanic. (I'd originally intended for it to be small / simple enough to finish within a few months, though that's already stretching out a little longer than planned thanks to scope creep, heh.) @jbadams Thanks for the warm welcome!!
  5. Hi everyone! I just joined recently and wanted to make a quick post to say hi. I'm a hobbyist with a background in software development -- I've completed a few game jams and have been working on a small casual-ish iOS game for the past few months, mainly to learn the ropes of actually finishing and releasing a game on the App Store. (I have ambitions of eventually making an RPG with a larger scope, but want to work my way up to it with a few smaller games first.) Any other hobbyists and/or mobile game developers out there? What are you guys currently working on? Any recommendations for cool stuff to check out around this site? Thanks and feel free to share!
  6. devharts

    Bitey Trees

    Album for Bitey Trees
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