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  1. @benjamin1441 Thanks for the response!! Yep it's the App store I'm aiming for -- I haven't released there before, so it'll be a learning experience going through the review process and everything. As for the game, it's a 2D SpriteKit game based around sort of a "bubble shooter" mechanic. (I'd originally intended for it to be small / simple enough to finish within a few months, though that's already stretching out a little longer than planned thanks to scope creep, heh.) @jbadams Thanks for the warm welcome!!
  2. Hi everyone! I just joined recently and wanted to make a quick post to say hi. I'm a hobbyist with a background in software development -- I've completed a few game jams and have been working on a small casual-ish iOS game for the past few months, mainly to learn the ropes of actually finishing and releasing a game on the App Store. (I have ambitions of eventually making an RPG with a larger scope, but want to work my way up to it with a few smaller games first.) Any other hobbyists and/or mobile game developers out there? What are you guys currently working on? Any recommendations for cool stuff to check out around this site? Thanks and feel free to share!
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