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  1. Hello there I've been working lately on my 2D fishing game but i can't do everything alone sadly. That's why i'm here looking for somebody that would want to join my project and help out with graphics. Could be realistic, cartoonish or minimalistic fantasy. I just don't want to make another pixel art game. If you're an artist or anybody with useful skills and you'd like to help, write to me on discord: MrKosiej#6327. Game Details: I'm using construct 2 to create this PC sidescroller. It's gonna be a simulation and somewhat an economical game. Later i'm planning on adding some action adventure elements but that's far away. In the game you're playing as a boy who got thrown out of his home by his fother and now he needs to find his way in life. He walk and wanders and then he finds a little abandoned fishing hut. He decides to become a fisher and decide what to do next in the meantime. Cheers.
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