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  1. @Irusan, son of Arusan , well as i heard before c# is kinda limited when it come to graphic and rendering that's require a long long answer but ill make it short as possible 1 - one of the benefits is to avoid writing the same code from scratch over and over that's why the engine come in handy 2 - its a passion , something i want to do 3 - i like making my own tolls , it make me feel comfortable , 4 - i don't feel comfortable using other people engines no matter how they good 7 - im tired of the 99 mile page all about complicated User Agreements and term of service of other engines that limit my market "your not allowed to that , your not allowed to that , , your work belong to us , your stuff included to us .. bla bla bla " im tired from all that bull#@*/ " some of those term of service are longer then (The Hobbits novel series ) 8 - i like to modify and add specific futures to my engine in a way satisfy my needs in any time i want so i don't feel tied waiting year or 2 to get other people adding them in their engines and so on and so on ..... i have more and more reasons .. you get the basic idea and i don't get it when i say "game engine" people start panic , no no man im not looking for something huge i just want to create a simple interface with couple of buttons and portViewer to see what im doing live and manipulating the characters and the Assets in my game using the mouse , that's it and the rest will become better over time , that's it just a simple light engine as i mention but why im asking because i stock when it come to combine c++ with c# , and call those Vector functions from c# as Library like unity 3D engine do , they use c++ to handle the heavy graphic coding and c# as a tool for game management and assets manipulation , that's basically what i want to understand
  2. well Hello internet , greeting to all of you smart beautiful Developers people its something i dream about to make my own simple 2D game engine from scratch and to make it Easy for my self i thought ill be able to use C# for the game coding and Basic manipulation and Animation , and C++ for the Graphic Engine and the heavy stuff of Importing and exporting and rendering but the problem is i only have Experience in C# and Graphic and Illustration Design ( that's = no worry about the Animation and Assets ) so i don't Have any Experience in SDL/OpenGL or C++ i only know some Basic , and since SDL/OpenGL tutorials are available in youtube i didnt find an advanced one talking about combining between C# and C++ like Unity3D did in their engine any help in this will be Awesome
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