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  1. MonkeysteinGames

    1: Gunsmoke

    That's what I was thinking. I mean, this is my first foray into a 3d game. Probably a freebie. I'm just trying to learn
  2. MonkeysteinGames

    1: Gunsmoke

    I am starting my first 3d game and thought I'd post a blog about it in case any one had any tips or tricks as I wade into this. I've just started using blender a few months ago and still suck at it, but I've rigged and animated my main character so far. Right now, I have him walking, aiming, shooting (with Ue4 particles) and jumping. I'm debating on whether or not I should add a crouch and if I should have any motion when he fires. It would seem the gun fire, the smoke, would create that shooting effect. Or should there be a slight hitch when he does shoot? Gunsmoke_Medium.mp4
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