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    Adobe Acquires Allegorithmic

    I understand that the majority of people here function purely from a hobby aspect. I do as well as far as game design goes. I am however a professional artist. I pay for Adobe suite for personal use (and occasional freelancing) despite having a copy provided to me for my 9-5 job. I work with 2 other artists at my job, and they do the same. From a professional standpoint, Adobe is honestly the best set of tools that we have.(although, I do most of my illustration in clip studio, just for the line quality and behavior of their vector drawing tools) Now, I'm getting other hobby tools added into my cc package. That's awesome. To be honest, I understand that 50 bucks is expensive for some people to pay monthly, but it's cheaper than most of my other expenses for monthly hobbies. People are complaining a lot about Adobe's use and target of what substance will become, saying that they don't understand "game". You're probably right. But what they do understand is "creation". The focus may broaden a bit so that substance finds other uses, but in no way will stop you from using it as you choose. And for those worries a out losing assets, download them now. Save them locally. If not, you're worried about losing assets you never actually had to begin with. Honestly we don't even know how Adobe is going to handle the asset distribution going forward. But, alas, the sky is falling, and its Adobe's fault.
  2. Litho

    Adobe Acquires Allegorithmic

    Not really. Subscribe for the suite. As is Adobe is pretty generous with giving out assets. They go out of their way to purchase paid content and offer it up for free in a lot of cases (like fonts, brushes, updates) but still charge for a lot of the things they can only license sort of like the steam store. Sure ive got to pay for some clip art from time to time, but they do make an effort to give me a lot of creation tools. I guess it depends on how they wind up classifying things.
  3. Litho

    Adobe Acquires Allegorithmic

    Let me just say... as a graphic designer, I welcome Adobe substance.
  4. Hi there, My name is Liam. I've been out of game dev for a long time. My last video game project was for the Net Yaroze if that gives you a time frame. I have however been working on a lot of tabletop games as of late and figured it would be worthwhile getting back to my roots. I'm able to do a little bit of everything, but focus on art. I'm a graphic designer for a living, and versed to some degree with most 2 and 3d art, but have been working primarily in vector, illustration and UI for the last 5 years. As for what am I looking to make? Anything really. Sure I'd like to work on something with a ton of depth, but I think something simple and short might be best for getting to know and develop a working relationship with people. Thanks for reading.
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