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  1. Sensee

    New Design Stuffs

    That's some really cool concept art, keep it up! Really love that hybrid fauna, especially the parrot haha👌 Would love to see some hybrid spiders
  2. Hey again! So I was working on my map in the last months since January, and I have some progress to show. I appreciate your comments on my last post, I've tried to improve my map since. There are two maps I want to show: An improved and detailed version of my last world map and a map to take a closer look at one nation named Highland Isles. Firstly, the world map. And second, the map of Highland Isles: Sooooo, that's it for now, like last time I would really appreciate feedback and of course new ideas. Bye o/ (Btw, the font I used for the city names: https://www.dafont.com/04b-03.font, unfortunately, I forgot what font I used to display the nation names. The Highland Isles signature on the second map is drawn by myself inspired by a real medieval typeface) I have no idea why the spoiler tabs are so broken \o/
  3. Sensee

    2D World Map Advice

    Hey guys! So I made a map recently for a fictional world. Nothing special just some pixel art stuff but I wanted to ask you if any of you have some suggestions or advice for making it more "realistic" or better. Thanks.
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