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  1. Wow that's awesome! And surely your methods are correct, networking is essential. Of course it can be too much demanding sometimes but it brings the best results. I'm curious about your work tho. If you may post some kind of contact or DM me I'd be very glad!
  2. Wow what an answer! Simply great and precise tips. I already do some of those like attending conferences and events and I can say it DOES payoff, not only for "boosting" exposition but for career knowledge too. Don't mind I'll be taking notes and saving this awesome reply for further use. Thanks! Yes, even (and maybe mostly) on the market finding a niche and speciality is a great way to filter your clients and getting their attention to your new works as you'll be giving them targeted content, basically. So it might come to a moment when you'll be a reference in your style. Now as a personal experience: sometimes it can be quite difficult to find out exactly what is your style anyway. In my case, I really like going with a big variety and it reflects on my work. The solution I have for now is being very diverse on my portfolium and, when publishing something on medias with wider audiences, try to be consistent with only one unique style.
  3. Besides, of course, composing and producing music for the projects you're hired to, what else do you do that has made you get more visibility on the job market as a professional? -And what has worked the best for you? For example, I really like playing some covers on the piano. For a while I've being posting them on Instagram and associated it to my persona as a videogame/multimedia composer. Not so rarely some people reach out to me specifically interested on my work after watching some videos, which I'm always happy to talk about and show more of it. Also, I really like writing articles on a big variety of themes that I like learning about (silent-era films, classical music, entrepreneurship, etc); when I believe it might relate with music composition or media, I also post it on my professional website - again linking my professional persona with the knowledge on those texts. Both of these methods are way more successful on attracting people outside of the industry than potential clients, but just by bringing people who are willing to listen and knowing your work makes it worth — and I like doing it anyway. And for you? What has worked the best?
  4. rafabou

    Starting out as sound designer

    Yeah, you're absolutely right. Quite ashamed of going so simplistic and not making justice to game audio design. That said, FMod and Wwise is indispensable. And learning to work on Unity is a great way of standing out as a sound designer since you can work directly on the project without necessarily depending on a programmer.
  5. rafabou

    Starting out as sound designer

    Besides the variation of styles (which is something you already deal with in a film sfx career, but you can go through very unique styles of gaming scene like working with 8-bit sounds, or some other recurring themes), the biggest difference is in the implementation - the programmer will, in theory, include the whole sound file you send him in the game, which is different from editing a raw videofile. This means you'll have to check each sound individually and make adjustments directly on the file, imagining (or testing in many different ways) how it'll work in the final product. With that, other challenge you might find is producing good looping audios. But being very sincere, as you already have experience I don't think you'll have a hard time at all. Join game jams, get in touch with students and go to events. For sure you'll find some project to work on.
  6. Cool video. The way to go as an aspiring contemporary composer for multimedia (in general) nowadays is undoubtly adopting a DAW and learning to work with VSTs, as well as mastering mixing and post-production at all. Your workflow will be quite unique and basically "what works best for you", as it is to anyone; there is no "right path". Still, I wouldn't say you can go really further only by using Finale on the whole process - it's a great tool for creating the midi file for your piece and the score of course, but it's highly recommended for you to look for a DAW that suits you best to actually produce your piece - not only for the tons of features it has to offer, but mostly for the comfort and practicality. You said you are classically trained; for big orchestral pieces I like to use Digital Performer. Give it a look.
  7. rafabou

    Looking for honest feedback on my music

    Pretty cool. The composition creates a great atmosphere which I'm sure is the one you're looking for, based on your inspirations. Regarding the realism, won't lie the voices are kinda distracting (legatto would make it 200% better) also I feel the instruments are lacking on dynamics, mainly strings and brass. Still, most of the problem are EQ-related. When you get the room right (and reverb on each track) I believe it'll improve a lot your track. Great work tho. 👍
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