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  1. I... actually haven't tried the built-in character controller. Most of the posts I've come accross said that it caused a lot of issues for them and that they had implement their own controller in the end. Since I need some additional functionality (block pushing/ physics interaction) I mostly forgot about it. Thanks for mentioning it. It's a good starting point. I used Seblague's tutorial for a 2d platformer controller. I somehow never came accross his 3d controller tutorial. I'll give that one a good look. It's probably exactly what I need. Somehow help always comes from the place you least expect it. Thanks for the links Edit: Watched the video. It wasn't as thorough as I hoped but at least I know how to use the built-in character controller now.
  2. I do have problems with the animation portion. For example, I have no idea how to use root motion to move a character during an attack animation. But that is not the core of the problem. I never needed to deal with these animation issues because I end up quitting before implementing them. Any resources on that would be appreciated. But my main problem is making the platforming and movement feel smooth. Whenever I try to do that with rigidbodies things go wrong.
  3. I'm mostly asking about a general problem I have in the prototyping stage. I implement some of the mechanics. Then I feel that the movement sucks and I keep on changing movement code until I give up. If you are asking about the type of game I need a controller for, it's top down action hack and slash action game inspired by ys and hyper light drifter.
  4. Is it for tile based movement? I'm looking for a tutorial on character controller for an action game like bayonetta or Ys. So it should support some 3d platforming and combat animations.
  5. Brackeys does not have any tutorials on character controllers. I have not watched rm2k vids but they seem to quite old and focus on 2d tile based rpgs.
  6. I'm using unity and I always end up stopping my prototypes and one particular point-when I need to make the character controller. I can get away with setting the velocity directly in prototypes but it results in shitty game feel. If I use kinematic bodies then I can't do collision against enemies/walls. Physics interaction is another nightmare. And if you don't use kinematic rigid body then your player can be pushed by enemies in unrealistic ways. I'm might not be a coding expert but when it comes coding systems like damage or anything that isn't reliant on physics, I can do it without much of a problem. It's the physics related stuff that always gives me headaches. What's worse is that I can't even find any articles/tutorials on this aspect at all. I can ask questions on the unity subreddit and all I get is that it's highly game specific and I should I implement it myself. But where do I even start? Sorry for the rant. But this is an issue which must have been solved already. I'm sure that there are already assets for this but I can't afford them and I'm very much willing to do the work myself. Please, just tell me what I have to do.
  7. I'm making a Pokémon clone in java as a student project. I'm using javafx for this. One of the features I need to work on is letting players play against each others. Only local multiplayer is required. Implement other words, the players can open up 2 instances of the game on the same pc and be able to play against each other. I'm done with implementing the logic necessary for the core game but I'm not sure about how to connect it to networking. In my game their is a trainer class. I have a loop for battle where I wait for commands ( an object) each trainer has chosen for the turn. For players, that's the move they selected. For the ai, it's a move chosen at random. The loop will end only when all trainers ( including player) has chosen commands and the turn will play out. I'm a novice at network programming but here's what I want to try. I know that you can send strings through sockets. The networked trainer class will work like the player trainer class but will wait for instructions from the other player's socket and convert them to commands which my game loop can use. Is this a viable approach?
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