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  1. Well programming and game design are my main ones, an indie game developer is a jack of all trades right? How do I acquire business knowledge? Surely there are unpaid internships I can undertake?
  2. I see so it is pretty much pointless to go on a university course in an industry where you can self-teach at home and your portfolio holds a lot more weight than a degree. Where did you get your connections through the internet? Well I'm a neet and autistic, I can't function in a day to day job so self-employment and dedicating my time to game development and making connections/marketing is all I can do, I just want to learn how you know?
  3. Is a computer science in games course or going to university any good or would you benefit more from learning at home if you do not need to work to survive and learn since as you said university just tells you to self learn anyway? How old were you when you started that business and got into education? I'm 25 years old at the moment, I want to be a game developer and self-employed. I live in the UK and in London, the main game studio hub. I just don't know where to start really, I'm on a computing access course at the moment which I keep on getting distinctions left right and center and I don't know if university would benefit me as much as I think it would apart from connections to the game industry but surely university isn't the only way to obtain this?
  4. I know every person is different but it would be nice to hear from those who were successful about how they learned and what they did to get to where they are today. I just don't want to make that mistake of wasting my time by either going on this course or trying to go at it alone and self-teach when I don't know much about self-teaching.
  5. I was wondering if it is worth dedicating time and a loan to a 4 year university course or live as a neet and learn from online resources and using Unity or something? What are the pros and cons of both? I want to be a game developer like Notch, Toby Fox etc. and be self-employed and have a game studio.
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