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  1. mycelspawn

    Mycelbang: a precursor. Does it look fun?

    Yes, it sure is plain but thanks for your positive stance! I will animate the sprites soon, but there are some processes under the hood that require attention. Atm, the loading of resources, being essential for animations and all.
  2. mycelspawn

    Mycelbang: a precursor. Does it look fun?

    Thanks @Septopus! Yes, Pascal is really good for learning programming! I can imagine it is not too popular for game projects as C-variations dominate, which is in line with your statement that you haven't heard in a while of anyone making projects in Pascal. I will try to migrate the project to C++ or C# as soon as i get a hang of those languages. And yes, it is a prototype and it will end up as a space-JRPG-thing (!) if I get my plans realized.
  3. Hello, I made a little project after laying low for many many years. I have programmed in Pascal since the 80's (yeah old guy) so this was made by me in Free Pascal using ZenGL libraries. Does it look fun? Crazy? Meaningless? A good start? I did the main coding, art, music and sound effects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzcxGzyCslk
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