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  1. Hi, I am working on Unity 2019.2 and I am using C# code in Visual Studio Code 1.38.1 but since 2 days, I found a bug in connection with Unity and Visual Studio code that i can not open C# file with double click on it in Visual studio code.Now please help me to solve out this kind of issue in Unity and Visual Studio Code. Thanks, Gaurang
  2. Hi Wyrframe, Actually I have installed the same drivers which company has given on their official website. and in the Linux CentOs side, It also appearing in the printer settings. I need to print ticket from the Unity project like I have attached a file here. You can check the texts are overlapped and looking blurry. Any solution ?
  3. I am using Phoenix, PHX-MIELE, USB Printer. I want to run it in Unity - Linux CentOs. But, The problem is when I print a test ticket from Linux CentOs, Its not printing correctly as it appears blurry and fonts are overlapped. I have installed proper drivers as well for Phoenix USB printer for Linux CentOs. I have checked the all dip switches as well. But I got no any success. >>> Model Number : PHX-MIELE, 12 VOLTS DC, USB Printer >>> Serial Numnber (ID) : 192302433
  4. Hi anybody using Spine in Unity ? Actually I am facing a problem with latest plugin of Spine, When I use the spine and import it in Unity it says "InvalidCastException : Specified cast is not valid. Error reading Skeleton Json file. " so can you give me an idea how to solve it ? As I am having too many files for the spine, I can not export it from older version of Spine. I have to use the newer version of the spine . So please help me with the Binary files and Skeleton json file to use it properly. Thanks, Gaurang
  5. Yes we having dedicated GPU and VRAM both. Actually we are having Core i3 processor which has 8GB of RAM.
  6. Hi Shaarigan, Thanks for your answer. Now please look at this uploaded Screenshot in .PNG format. Which are taken in delay of 1 hour continuously by continuously playing my game you can see the minor difference between Textures, Meshes, Materials, Animation clips, Assets, Game Objects in the scene and Total objects in the scene. Although my total system memory usage went from 3.14 GB to 6 GB and this issue cause game lagging and crashing. So please give the way to balance reserve memory , total system memory usage and allocated memory as well after contimuously playing.
  7. Sure Wyrframe, I am sharing you the youtube link for game please check it. In which the objects are spinning is pooling and the objects are stopped it is instantiation. After sometimes the instantiated objects are destroyed. Although the memory profiler gets high in texture side and game crashing while continuously playing. so what will be the solution ?
  8. Thanks for your answer Wyrframe. Actually "slot game" means I am developing the slot game for match objects. Yes i am making for a slot machine. which is in linux and windows as well. There is no 3D objects and materials are there. I am instantiating and pooling 2D images in the game.
  9. In my game 2D images are instantiating and pooling (Type of Slot game). I do not used shader exchange, not used procedural generated Meshes or not ordynamic Collider attaching/detaching as well.
  10. Shaarigan, In the case I am already using Destroy(instance) and I am pooling the objects. My game is running in one scene only.So i haven't used DontDestroyOnLoad().
  11. Hi Shaarigan, Thank you so much for your answer. Can you please let me know how can we find dynamic allocated objects and how can we destroy them In Unity C# ? ? Can you please give me a small demo ?
  12. Hi, I have developed the Slot game for Linux and Windows in Unity. Right now the game is in testing phase. The issue is when tester play the game continuously for 5 to 10 hours, Ram of the system increases drastically and sometimes the game is crashing. So please give me the best way to solve the ram issue and crashing issue as well. I am using following system configuration : Ram : 8 GB Processor : Ryzen 3
  13. Hi SyncViews, Actually I have done with it. My data was too long in error log. When I used vaccum, I found the bug and shorted out. Thanks you !
  14. Hi SyncViews, Thanks for your answer, I just wanted to say is when we compare to large database and my database, It is vary rather than from each other and let me tell you that there are 40,000 entries in it and its taking 1.5 GB size.
  15. I have integrated the sqlite data base in slot game which is build in Unity platform for windows. It is increasing drastically although it has only text data., it is showing size about 1.5 GB which is very annoying and which will affect to my game's performance. so how can I reduce size of Sqlite database ?
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