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  1. Ok Thanks h8CplusplusGuru, I will try it. Hi Septopus, As you can play the slot machine's game. Then in start up it will ask for a digits of code and it is encryption of some proper digits (appropriate time,date, random numbers and mac address). When i will give the encrypted number (key) to the client then it apply it in machine then and then user should permit to start a game. otherwise not. So this proper digits have to be secure and encrypted in shorter length. And I mean a length of digits is a size.
  2. Ok h8CplusplusGuru, Then how should I increase the base of certain digits ? If there is 16 digits so how can I reduce the size of it so there is no chance of hack and not recognizable. How can I easily identify the exact digits after reducing its size ? Hi Septopus, I have to build for Linux and Windows both. So in windows Mac Address will be of 12 digits and for linux it is 16 so for an appropriate I want to reduce its size (encrypt) from 12 to 5 or from 12 to 4 for windows and from 16 to 5 for Linux so it is recognizable from our side and not by user.
  3. Thank you Sharigan, I can get a computer's motherboard ID and it is about 12 digits. So I need a program that can encrypt this digits in only 4 digits whenever client apply it, My game should be run for on single particular machine
  4. Thank you so much JaredBGreat, Your answer means a lot to me. Its very helpful but I do need a digit to digit encryption and decryption as well. Because, when I convert in hash it will be a hash data and hash data could not be printed as a digits. When I encrypt it then it should be printed like a digit on the screen.
  5. @Banstel, Thank you so much @Septopus, Thank you for your answer, It should be 5 digits and it should more secure because I need to apply for the slot game for a user.
  6. @Alberth.. I want to get motherboard ID and encrypt it in 5 digits, Then i send it to the client as this so one user can use it and only one machine should play the game. Then when I decrypt those 5 digits, i should get motherboard ID again @CrazyCdn, Hahaha, No no man its not a home work actually I just want a serial key for a user that can only play the game if he/she has a serial key for a machine.
  7. Thank you Alberth, Is it not possible to encrypt in shorten value ? Thank you very much JaredBGreat.
  8. Hi, I want to encrypt 16 number digits in to 5 digits and decrypt it in C#. So can anybody help me out to write a proper algo. for it ?
  9. Thanks Septopus and Nemequ, I have integrated with Unity windows build but I can not apply this code in Unity Linux side. When I connect the bill acceptors it saying "Entry Point Not Found Exception on CreateFile". Actually I just want to know is there any way to implement NativeMethods for a safeHandling in Linux side as a C#.net ?
  10. Hi Septopus, Thanks for your answer. I did it already what you have said but I stuck in code side, How to perform those .Net api in Unity side actually ? Because right now bill acceptor is connect through code only for 3 or 4 seconds then after the blue light is disabled in bill acceptor. So how to create a steady connection on my unity command and how to check how many money I have inserted in bill acceptor from Unity side?
  11. I am developing one game application in which I need to connect Apex 7000 bill acceptor and Unity, So how can I connect it using any third party application. I need to calculate how much money I have inserted in bill acceptor from unity side. so how should I code it from Unity side?
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