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  1. Hi, To briefly introduce myself, I am a new member of this community who recently set a new career path to become a game developer/programmer. I currently major in Computer Science at an online university due to my current full time occupation. Internet provided pretty much everything I needed to know to get a kick start on this career, from different programming languages and their uses, different learning resources ranging from beginner level to expert, to basically the outlook of this career path. From what I have read, it's a very competitive and risky, but a rewarding job. Kind of job you have a chance in surviving only if you are truly passionate. I am no genius, so I am gonna have to work my butt off for the next few years to earn a degree and acquire the necessary knowledge and experience to be even considered in this harsh industry. Now! There is one thing I could not find. Networking in gaming community. I found gamedev.net, but as someone so inexperienced in online communities and social media, I need some guidance. For those of you who know or have experience in this area, what are some ways to start networking in the gaming community? I would greatly appreciate your opinion and thanks!
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