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  1. upallinsky

    My first OST | Feedback please

    Thx so much!) Maybe later i add some new track.
  2. upallinsky

    My first OST | Feedback please

    Hello! Thank you very much. I am very glad to see your feedback. If you have any ideas how to do it better, I would like to hear it. I could give you a project and if you have some time, I would work with you. I understand that you probably don't have a time, but just 5 minutes and I would be very grateful)
  3. Hi guys! Check my first OST for dwarf castle (location). If you have a time, pls give me some feedback ๐Ÿ™„.
  4. Check my demo for understand my skills.
  5. Hello guys! I am new here. I came here for find a project or projects to start my composer career. I am junior, never created soundtrack, but i am musician. I played in music-band, learning in music school and ect. I have experience of composer and team work. Now i wanna to try create music for game. If you need soundtrack for your project, pls, write me, maybe i can help. I don't need a money, because i don't have portfolio. I am ready work for free. Write me on e-mail (upallinsky@gmail.com) or here. If i create some examples of my work, i will share it here. Thx for your attention and have a nice day. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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