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  1. Samiorga

    Game Engine or custom game engine?

    No mention of this whatsoever. They were a startup company so they were probably looking for someone young with a lot of programming experience. And they used lines of code as a reference to calculate the amount of experience that they had...
  2. Samiorga

    Game Engine or custom game engine?

    I recently applied to a job as a junior software engineer. While in my interview they asked me around how many lines of code I have of experience. I gave them a rough estimate of a few hundred thousand. At the end they said and I quote "You don't have enough lines of code of experience." This really got me angry and I am glad that I didn't get the job as I wouldn't have wanted to work for an employer that is expecting millions of line of code from a junior software engineer. So at this point I know that I have to make something and actually complete it and show it's functionality to my employer. Whether it being a functional engine of some sort or a very well made game with graphics using a pre-built game engine. I have not written any engine. I have written physics libraries and collision libraries and implementing them in some early java games. This may be my first time putting it all together to make an engine/toolkit. I have created a few games with java by using all their internal functions and libraries (physics, gravity, graphics etc), but I found that I needed some more freedom with the libraries that were given to me. Now, if I choose to program an engine using multiple tool-kits, what should I be implementing within the engine? By implementing I am talking about graphics, audio, character animations etc. Would I be able to create my own engine to incorporate all these or would I have to use something separate like 3Ds Max to create a characters, or some other program for animations?
  3. Samiorga

    Game Engine or custom game engine?

    Wow! So many responses!! I guess this may be more then a straight forward answer. Looks like I have a lot more options to go for when deciding whether I want to make my own custom engine, toolkit or pre-built game engine. I like this idea a lot. I think that I will go towards this route at first. To use a pre-built game engine (Unreal and Unity) for starting off. By doing this I will be able to have some experience for employers and I will get familiar with the programs. I want to get to know how to use these and the mechanics of the program before I can get started with building my own engine/toolkit. I know that creating an engine will be difficult and will require lots of work towards making it functional. So much insightful information to has been given to me. Thanks to everyone for responding to my question.
  4. Hello there! I am new to the GameDev community. I am a currently a software engineer student at college. As much as I love programming I don't like how this program is introducing me to the programming experience. I have been programming for around 7-ish years with Java, C, C++ and HTML (CSS). I got into software engineering hoping to get into game development but I have been disappointed with the results in this program. I applied for game development at college but they asked for a portfolio of things that I have done, and to be honest I have not done anything special or anything that would turn heads. So I just went into software engineering. **QUESTION STARTS HERE** I have been wanting to create my own game (for the experience) to show potential employers. Full 3D gameplay with decent game mechanics. My question is... Should I create this game in a custom engine (or no engine, just straight hard coding) or should I be looking into creating a game using Unity or Unreal (*not using blueprint*)? I am looking to have a somewhat professional looking result but at the same time I know that by myself I won't get anywhere close to a modern game without a team. If anyone has some experience in either of those game engines (or others), please let me know your thoughts and how I should approach game development.
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