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  1. I'm totally beginner. I know that learning programming and process of game development takes a lot of time and practice. I'm aware of that. What I want to make? As in the topic, I want to make grand strategy game. This is kind of game where player takes control of any country in the world while AI handles the rest. The map is divided into provinces, each with its own stats etc. Europa Universalis IV is the example game. Where to start? Which language should I choose? I only know JavaScript and PHP on intermediate level so maybe something with similar syntax? I also learned some basic algorithms and data structures. And the last question, not exactly about basics. How would you implement this kind of world map? Is this some kind of graphic file, svg? As you can see on this video, you can apply different filters on the map to see different stats like demography, province stability, risk of revolt etc. Would it be possible to make a filter with lines (not always straight) to symbolize the roads infrastructure like this?
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