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  1. So I had some other projects and assignments on the last 2 months. Some decisions have been made in the project but not much advancment. For the National Videogame Contest https://www.videojuegosmx.com/ and decided to make small updates so I could have a better chance. If you want to play this version (not complete at all) you can download the apk and you are welcome to give me any feedback. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eE3Yn9T3ScSlA4bE9dJSrZwLePgFeult Changes: Added spawner system for bus stops, cars and houses (decorative) Created a small bouncing system for passengers when they fell off (not implemented) Added some sounds General game system improved Transform utility working! (no post shaders on mobile version though :C ) I haven still added a real ending, you can play as long as you want, materials still wont work correctly if restarting the game while some materials are swapped. In general the material updating is not working yet. I feel closer to a finished project though. 4 super simple people for the bus stops, they appear randomly. Some gameplay. Transformed bus (pesera)
  2. Antonio Schwuchow

    Entry #4 Testing Deform on the Project

    Some days ago the developer of this tools posted this on reddit definitely should check out. For the project, the vaporwave mode activates when tha player reaches the maximum capacity on the bus and keeps adding passenger for it. The idea was to "spherify" the bus as it was being overcrowded, but there wasnt any solution to this other than lerping a custom animation, which i could do eventually but would take some time since im not used to animating things. So now we can use Deform, im just starting experimenting with it. For the voxel object it doesnt look smooth but im already satisfied.
  3. Antonio Schwuchow

    Entry #3 - Gameplay GIF

    I got to change the textures of materials with scripts. But not all of the load on runtime, its weird. I made a GIF of it
  4. Antonio Schwuchow

    Second post - Lots of content already made

    The idea is that this "bochos" (more car pardoys in the future) come and hit you, you can loose passengers so you earn less money. From time to time, the bus arrives to the bus stop to refill with passengers. Basically thats it. I think it looks cute on that screenshot. The game is designed for a portrait view on your phone: Icons and fonts are based on the originals from Mexico Citi´s subway system. Im still experimenting with the camera view and perspective style. Now a sneak peak of the "vapor" mode:
  5. Antonio Schwuchow

    First Entry... what is this?

    So as part of my social service Im tasked with doing this game, mostly designed and directed by me. What is Vapeseras? "Vapeseras" is a mix of two words: Vapor - The direct reference for vaporwave. Pesera - Its a kind of common buses used in the public transport of mexican cities. That name comes from a time where the ride of this "peseras" costed only 1 peso (mexican coin), directly giving the pseudonym to the microbuses. Reason of concept. In my opinion there arent much mobile games created with mexican folklore that have their own gameplay catch to have a good game with a good look, instead this games fall as being too low quality, or being not fun because they are educational but with non effort on the gameplay experience. So i felt that with my personal tastes i could create something worth anyone time, evoking at least small reactions on fun by the gameplay and nostalgy by the visuals and sounds. Concept. So as quickly as i began the project i had to just pick a handful of the things i could add in the game. A big chunk of the aesthetics of the game had to be singular things that i could "vaporize" into vaporwave. For that i picked the CDMX (country´s capital) subway, that has this professional and foreign study of iconography, that reflects countless historic facts and folklore of the whole country. I still need to create some icon of a vaporize station to the game, but these subway titles will be probably only visual and wont refer to nothing specifically on the scene, just to give resemblances of the real stations titles. "Avenida Insurgentes" and "Reforma" are not specifically "METRO" subway stations, but there are similar stations, and the iconography related to those streets have already been designed by Lance Wyman. This signs are to be used on the bus stations on the game. I have somewhat the idea to use the peseras to create some sort of car topdown battle game, but it quickly transformed into this. The peseras (last picture) were choosen because of how iconic they are to the city landscape, so I created a voxel art (for another log) based on the most common bus model and paintjob. I experimented with some fonts for the logo, but finally i went for a kinda racing logo with the mexican METRO (subway) font, with some regular pink and turquoise for the palette.
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