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  1. Anthony Constantinou - CEO - CWM FX

    New to game design

    Game development has blow up over the last few years, and now it look like everyone wants to learn a game designing. Now we have big studios full of people and great teams making incredible games. There are many people involved in independent game development than ever. This is an incredible thing, as everyone brings unique experience and sensibilities to game design.
  2. Anthony Constantinou - CEO - CWM FX

    Mock for "cube_add" Blender API

    Good topic. Though I am not a python dev, but can say that PyCharm is based on Intellij which is very slow in heart.
  3. Anthony Constantinou - CEO - CWM FX

    Texture mapping an indexed cube

  4. Anthony Constantinou - CEO - CWM FX

    Software for designing a 2D world map?

    Personally, I build the map by using a specified tile-editor i.e. TileEd as it has simple user interface, responsive and creative.
  5. Anthony Constantinou - CEO - CWM FX

    bug invaders

    Agree with "GoliathForge", this is absolutely true... edit : My definition of 'early out' = controlled discontinue at that point of the iteration (ie: break, return or continue flow (modifiers)) You need to do it inside code tags which will get mono spaced while initiating indenting for branch logic.
  6. Anthony Constantinou - CEO - CWM FX

    Dungeon Crawler Challenge: Depths of Orpheus

    Even I was trying from few hours, but not came on the right conclusion....☹️☹️
  7. Anthony Constantinou - CEO - CWM FX

    Any tips for Better Writing?

    Not only "open feeling", but you must consider the imaginations of others as well.
  8. Anthony Constantinou - CEO - CWM FX

    Programmer Art in Unity - 7 Techniques to Achieve Impressive Visuals Without an Artist

    Thanks for sharing the information. It is very helpful for everyone.
  9. Anthony Constantinou - CEO - CWM FX

    Game Engine or custom game engine?

    Existing engine will be helpful if he wants to perform game logic and AI, however, for graphic or network programmer its upon you to show how hard it is get noticed everywhere.
  10. Anthony Constantinou - CEO - CWM FX

    [BzLog 1]: Concept + Storyline + Features

    I like this post. Concept is unique and attractive. Love it.
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