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  1. Hi, we're a studio that has mainly produced & distributed non-interactive 4D rides & 360 video productions for motion simulators. But the entertainment world is moving fast and VR is hot, so we are now looking to develop a new product, and as the title suggests we want to produce a VR multiplayer escape room platform. Our product consists of a physical 6x6m platform of which i will not go in to many details to keep things simple. We always made our own animation productions, but have no experience whatshoever with gaming production. That's why we would like to completely outsource our first escaperoom game as to not get in trouble with our deadline in september. To cut things short, we would really like to get a solid idea of what to expect when it comes to possible complications, production time, what kind of team or individuals to recruit for these specific projects, etc.... We want to launch our platform with an experience in which 4 players are put on a space station where they need to solve puzzles to reach the malfunctioning station's core and shut it down before it, well.....explodes. The gameplay can best be described as a multiplayer version of this game: A walktrough that shows the puzzles: More info about our experience: - We didn't choose this setting by chance, since there are so many space/science fiction VR ready models to be found online we hoped to cut a big chunk of the budget and production time. - The ingame environment will exist of about 5 different rooms of 6x6m in which the players can roam freely, so no teleporting. An ingame elevator will bring the players from 1 room to the other. - 4 players mulitplayer coop, solving puzzles. Only in local network, no internet. - No shooting, healthbars, enemies, nor other AI or complex animations, just the 4 players interacting with the environment. - 45 minutes average game length, slow gameprogression, it's about cooperation & problemsolving. - VR hardware will be HTC Vive Pro (Pro Eye if it launches soon enough) - Optimised for best graphics - Obviously the above would be easier to explain with a game design document, we're working on it. - Since we have no experience with gameproduction we don't have a preference in game engine. Any feedback on the following questions would be welcome: - Would a deadline for end of august/begin september be realistic? We do have a budget, altough it's limited around 20k€. - I see VR escaperoom games made by 2 persons or even single individuals. What would multiplayer have as impact on the production process/length? - In the meanwhile we're diving into Unreal blueprints to see how far we would get ourselves, waste of time? No inhouse programming skills yet. => silly question To be clear I'm not posting a job yet, we're looking for initial feedback on the plausability of our project first. Thank you!
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