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  1. From my research so far without consulting a specialist yet (this will of course be properly researched later but for now I only do preliminary research about options), most game companies seem to use their own engine because they need a more lean and game specific tools to make their game, also the 5% profit for e.g. UE4 will cost a lot of money in the long run. Regardless of using e.g. UE4 or Unity, a lot of programming has to be done anyways to write specific code for the game we want to make, hence my thought to maybe go straight for our own engine and my post to see how viable this is in the current market. The engine we would be wanting is a multi-platform one without multiplayer.
  2. The idea is to make a 3D linear or open world action RPG (no multiplayer). I don't want to compete with e.g. RDR2 or the Tombraider franchise from the start but want to have quality graphics together with a strong story driven experience. Once made and the studio has more experience, we can hopefully secure more funding (through revenue and/or investors) to make a bigger game. Games that inspired me are e.g. Hellblade which had a budget under 10 million for developing and publishing but also Horizon Zero Dawn which had a budget of under 50 million. We would want to have a multi platform release, not limited to e.g. only PS5. If we realistically look at our own budget, we have an initial budget of 2 million but this can potentially grow to around 10 million for the first 5 years (developing and publishing). This should be more than enough to make a working prototype which can be used as a pitch to get a publisher or another investor interested and secure more funding, potentially even managing with the given budget. I know it's early stages and I require to hire senior personnel, my question is more for initial research what I'm looking at before hiring a specialist to help start this (focus is now to get the cartoon division fully operational in Q3). Thanks for posting, I know this will not work without senior staff hence I wrote it in my initial post as well. How viable it is to get them I will have to see. Agreed, a strong story, interesting and smooth gameplay and quality art is what we are aiming for, due to budget restrictions we obviously cannot compete with e.g. Cyberpunk or Red Dead Redemption 2 for our first game.
  3. Understood, you need very competent people on this to make it work, not junior programmers.
  4. Hi All, How viable is it in the current state of the market to develop a triple-A capable game engine for story driven action RPG type of games? Would a senior programming team of 5 people working on it be sufficient to make the core and toolsets, capable of starting game development after 1,5 years while working on further development and refinement of the engine during a 3,5 years game development cycle? Reason I’m asking is that I’m currently in the middle of starting up a cartoon animation studio using UA4 as a render engine but want to expand into gaming (my dream for the last 25 years) closer to the end of the year as well. Team size of the cartoon team will be ramping up to 15 before year end and we are currently busy with purchasing a professional grade inhouse mocap facility which can also be used for our gaming team from the start. As I said, the cartoon animation team will work with UE4 from the start as a render engine but the aim would be to switch to our own engine when capable. Staff working in the 3D cartoon animation team (artists, storywriter, animators, etc) can support the game programming team in the initial development stages where required before ramping up with dedicated game development staff later in the development cycle. I’ve done quite a bit of research on game engine matters but don’t know anyone in my network at the moment with senior game engine knowledge. Advice generally seems to be geared towards using UA4 or Unity instead of developing our own engine from scratch but I’m curious if anyone here has enough experience to give some indication of man years required to build such an engine from scratch if we do want to do this. Thanks for your time in advance!
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