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  1. Hi, I have been planning on creating a tycoon style game for a while now. I have got my idea and now I would like to develop it into a game. I will ne creating the game in unity however soon realised that building may be hard to create therefore I am stuck. I tried blender however I would have to create a new blend for every stage of the nightclub. I had a look around but couldnt find anything related to the steps of making a graphic game. Heres exactly what Im trying to achieve: A tycoon where someone can build and expand their nightclub and team up with firends to complete missions etc. Now I have enough knowledge with prgrammming to programme score, movement of objects etc. But I dont know how to add new objects or whats the best way to make these maps. A game similar to this is supermarket tycoon. So my questions are: Is blender the best tool to use? How shall I go about the progression of the building? Is there an easy way to do this in unity? Is there an easy way to create a map
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