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  1. jbarrios

    Where are we now (DEMO)

    Hey badramgad, I had to a chance to play your demo and I recorded it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fffgK5pGbrc&feature=youtu.be - I like the mystery that is set up of who the player character is and what's going on with the world - I like the music - The writing is good - My laptop didn't like holding the inventory key and using the mouse at the same time. I would have rather had the inventory be a toggle - I had a hard time selecting items, but that may have been my strange laptop. - I wasn't able to solve the TV puzzle. - When I walked into the edge of the island I got a jumpy collision effect. Overall I like it. I would have liked to keep playing, but I got stuck. Probably because I'm dumb. I'm excited to see how this turns out.
  2. jbarrios

    Project BlockchainZ [Available on itch.io]

    I had a chance to play your game. I recorded my playthrough, my recording program really didn't want to keep all the frames though: - The 3rd person shoot mechanics are all very solid. The guns feel good, the aiming feels good, the zombies don't feel too "bullet spongy" - My squad mates make a real difference - I like the dynamic overworld and the ability to choose different actions - This game really struggled on my laptop. I don't have the most powerful of machines. - It would be nice to have a click and drag to select multiple platoons (Starcraft style) - I tried to give orders to my squad, but I couldn't get it to work (3:20) - There is a lot of information dumped right at the beginning of the level. It would have been nice to spread it out a little bit. Overall I think this has a lot of potential. I'm not normally a fan of "Tower Defense" games, but Blockchain Z add enough fresh ideas that I'm willing to give it a try.
  3. jbarrios

    Add a constraint to the physics system

    What Engine or SDK are you using?
  4. Thanks for the insight Rutin! Can you expound on this a bit more? What do you mean by "test the waters"?
  5. jbarrios

    box selection in bullet

    Hi Uttam, Let me make sure I understand your question: You want to do a click and drag to select multiple units from a RTS game? Here's what I would do: 1. On the initial click save the GUI position of the click 2. On the click release do the following: - Make a ray cast from the initial click to the terrain the RTS units are stand on. It sounds like you are already doing this with single unit select, so just copy that code. Save the point of collision with the terrain - Make a second ray cast from the release click to the terrain. Save the second point of collision with the terrain 3. Now you have 2 locations where the player clicked and released the click. You can use these two points to create a selection rectangle. 4. Do a foreach loop through each unit. If the unit is inside of the selection rectangle: they get selected. Hope that helps
  6. jbarrios

    AI for strategic decider

    Hey Arinal, What does "FSM" stand for? If your NPC is doing something simple you can simply use a chain of "if" statements. Example (pseudo code obviously): if(the sun came up) { walk to the store } if(at the store) { Walk around and play animations to look busy } if(player interacts with you) { if(the sun is up) { open shop screen } if(the sun is down) { say "Come back in the morning" } } if(the sun goes down) { go home } If you need your NPC to act in more complex ways I recommend Goal Oriented AI Planning (or GOAP)
  7. What's the use of making a game if no one plays it? Any tips on marketing for cheap or free? Are there any examples of companies who have marketed with a low budget?
  8. jbarrios

    Project BlockchainZ [Available on itch.io]

    This looks really cool! I can tell by the videos you have put a lot of effort in the game feel. I am concerned that the combat may get a bit stale. Especially fighting zombies. Are there different zombie types? I will definitely keep my eye on this.
  9. jbarrios

    Customizable 3D Character

    Hey Pedro, I really like your character. Static items like Hats and Weapons are pretty easy: You've animated your character with a skeletal rig right? So if you want to equip a hat you can add the hat to the "Skull" bone of the rig. The should snap the hat onto the character's head. Dynamic Items like clothes are tougher. I would export the character's skeletal rig and add it to the clothe's item. So when the character's leg takes a step then the dress will also take a step.
  10. How did you start out programming and which language(s) did you begin with? I wanted to be a game developer so I bought a beginners game development SDK. The language was Basic. What challenges do you think games programmers will face in the future as technology advances? Players expect higher and higher levels of fidelity as time goes on. Eventually these graphics will be too much work to maintain. What is the biggest challenge that you've overcome as a games programmer? Putting my games "Out there" and facing the criticism that comes. Where do you recommend beginner programmers to start?  Grab a simple (and free) Software Development Kit. Give yourself a short deadline (a month is good) and try to make a simple game.
  11. Class inheritance can be your friend here. Inherited classes make your life so much easier. Your inheritance tree may look something like this: Item Equipment Helmet Armor Weapon Sword Crossbow Consumable Status Effect Strength Poison Healing
  12. jbarrios

    Any tips for Better Writing?

    I'm not sure what you mean by History. If you mean the History of the world, items, and characters I know a trick. When you're designing levels, areas, items, and characters remember that they all have history. Instead of having "A town"; flesh out the history of that town. Maybe the town was founded by a group of people looking for religious freedom. The townsfolk discovered a silver vein so they opened a mine. This allowed the town to flourish. Tragically a nearby river broke it's banks and flooded the mine, killing the miners. The town has been fading ever since and there are rumors that the ghosts of miners still haunt the flooded mines.
  13. Hey Zombie, I'm a big fan of the way newer Mario games are designed. Each level has 4 phases: - Introduction of a new mechanic in a safe area - Learn the mechanic where there is danger - A "Twist" on the mechanic to make it interesting - A tough challenge to test your mastery Check out Game Maker's Toolkit for a better explanation:
  14. jbarrios

    Types of missions (Quests)

    Hi Puffy, Game Maker's Toolkit has a great video on this subject:
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