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  1. I am getting random internal asserts on device shutdown: Direct3D9: (ERROR) :ASSERTION FAILED! File d:\vista_rtm\multimedia\directx\dxg\d3d9\fw\dxgcreat.cpp Line 6428: pResource->GetBufferDesc()->Pool == D3DPOOL_DEFAULT Vista Ultimate on a iMac under BootCamp ATI X1600 with Apple provided drivers Latest DX SDK March 09 Very simple scene: D3DXSphere meshes + D3DX Sprite and font to display text. Debug spew is clean, no leaks, except these warnings from the D3DX Sphere [3500] Direct3D9: (WARN) :Indexbuffer created with POOL_DEFAULT but WRITEONLY not set. Performance penalty could be severe. [3500] Direct3D9: (WARN) :Vertexbuffer created with POOL_DEFAULT but WRITEONLY not set. Performance penalty could be severe. Anyone? Looks like one for Microsoft actually...
  2. UltraSlimDx9 is released, here: http://code.google.com/p/ultraslimdx9/ and made it for March, just like its older brother. Thanks to the SlimDx team. Nicer build and cleaner folder organization: that made the job much easier than last time, back in 2007. Maybe my "effort" on the math stuff will make it in some future SlimDX release. Who knows... Thanks again for the Dx9Ex interop: My stuff now works in WPF just perfectly.
  3. SlimDX March 09 is out and I am impressed: A lot of work indeed... However, I am checking out the March 09 tagged source tree from Google code and my plan is to fork SlimDX, again. This is going to be the second time I am doing this. Next time, I'll be good at it. :) Here is why: - End user run time, SDK, Samples, Sample Framework, Redist, Docs, code signing: all that is totally useless for me. - End user run time sounds very dangerous to me. Remember the good old DLL hell... I want to ship with as less uncontrollable dependencies as possible. - Dev Redist? If I use SlimDX, it is because I do DirectX dev. I get the redist from the DX SDK. Why another one ??? - I only need DX9. And I do not want to carry megabytes of DX10/Audio/Etc interop in my final code. - I want to build SlimDX my way, have it in my build system, etc. - I want to eventually be able to NGen the interop DLL. - At almost 3MB SlimDX is not really slim anymore, especially in the Math section. Who really needs a * operator for matrices??? - Although most (evil!) properties have finally been removed, there are still a number of things that I want to change in the Math classes, mostly for performance reasons and also compatibility with other code that I have. - I want to be able to investigate and fix issues, if any. That includes the ability to step into the source code as needed. Here is my plan: - Remove all components, except Core, Math and Dx9 - Speed up the math. - Trim, trim, trim the math from the XNA inspired stuff. And no more opportunity of passing matrices by value. :) - Create a very simple project that anyone (most importantly me) can integrate in any VS2k8 solution. - Ship with less than 500K. In other words, back to a simple and streamlined developer tool: Code, just code. If there's any interest with this fork, just let me know, I might spend some time to publish somewhere the updated code. Thanks, Laurent PS: Here is the name I have chosen: UltraSlimDx9 :)
  4. Laurent

    An Opening Thread: Which Lib do you use?

    I was using CDXLib and SDL a bit, but mostly because of lack of support of modern hardware and also for additional flexibility, I decided to develop my own... ( see in my sig :) )
  5. Yes, Minion.. I should have mentionned : The SxDL port for Linux / OPenGL is the "OpenSxDL" project, also hosted on SourceForge.Net A few games have already been ported on Linux and one OpenSxDL Linux Game has been already been successfully ported to Windows.
  6. You may wish to take a look at SxDL, here : http://sourceforge.net/projects/sxdl/ It has everything present in your wish list, including animated sprites and collisions, plus video support, a basic built user interface, a minimal physics "engine" and more. It is doing 2D in 3D, and therefore is extremely fast on modern hardware.
  7. You should take a look at SxDL ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/sxdl/ ) This a very easy to use game development framework. Saves a huge amount of time when developping games. Perfect for "classic" 2D games. We are currently working on 3D stuff. This is a GPL project but I am ready to grant commercial licences for a minimal "fee" such as some utility source code, add-ons, code improvements or optimizations or even a little one time donation. And, yes, this is fully compatible with the GPL, similar in essence to what MySQL AB is doing with MySQL.
  8. Laurent

    SxDL 2.3 is out !

    SxDL 2.3 is out ! SxDL is an extremely easy to use and beginner-friendly open source ( GPL ) game development toolkit for DirectX. 2D stuff is now stable and complete. 3D is still in the works. Release 2.3 ( Nicknamed "Ophelia" ) is out with more than 30 games and demos. Check it out on SourceForge at : http://sourceforge.net/projects/sxdl/ Happy coding !
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