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    Master Thesis suggestions

    @GeoffN, the problem is that there's literally nobody on the university that knows the topic. I know that DirectX is not a game engine. I already started developing the engine and I'm using DirectX for the rendering. I managed to create a good base for 'game engine algorithms' to introduce as I can already render objects with physics, textures and lights, handle inputs and update the game logic. I'm also familiar with other engines, as previously I developed a few game projects (mainly in UE4), but now I want to try something new and in lower level programming. Unfortunately, I still can't come up with a proper thesis.
  2. Hi guys, I'm writing Master Thesis this year and my topic is 'Game engine architecture'. I chose DirectX 12 for rendering, but can't seem to come up with any ideas what I could improve in such an engine (the target of thesis is to create something innovative/upgrade something that already exists). Was thinking about low level programming and maybe additing multithreading to some part of the engine. I would really appreciate any ideas in regards to any game engine improvements.
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